Cobie Smulders

Cobie Smulders


4/3/1982, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Birth Name

Jacoba Fransisca Maria Smulders


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Cobie was born in Vancouver, Canada to a British mother and a Dutch father. In the beginning, Cobie Smulders never considered being an actress. Her big break came as a teen, when a modeling agency gave her the opportunity to travel to places like Paris, Japan, Milan, Greece,…more


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    • Cobie: [On who she would love to have dinner with, living or dead] I would really love to sit with Kathryn Hepburn because I find her so interesting. I also lost a cousin a few years ago who I was really close to, he was like my brother, so if I could have dinner with him one more time I'd love that.

    • Cobie: [On wanting to play the character "Wonder Woman"] I think it's just the curse of having brown hair in this industry and being an actress. I think it's just a general, like, question that everyone's going to pose their clients.

    • Cobie: [On "How I Met Your Mother" guest star Britney Spears and handling media attention] I think [Britney] is a really nice person who is just stuck in this frickin' crazy ball of media attention and it's just crazy. I would never be able to handle that amount of publicity and that amount of press surrounding me at all times.

    • Cobie: [On the future of "How I Met Your Mother" after the third season] I've always seen the mother as someone we meet and then that's the end of the show, so if [CBS] is like 'Guys, you don't have a fourth season,' that's when writers would be like, 'OK! Time to bring the mother in!'. But I really don't know what's going to happen at the end of the show! I really, seriously know nothing.

    • Cobie Smulders: [On the How I Met Your Mother music video] Robin herself is just very conservative. This was something she just doesn't want to remember. She just wants it to be a part of her life that is forgotten.

    • Cobie: [On rehearsing a scene] What's more awkward than doing a shower scene? Rehearsing a shower scene. Josh Radnor and I were like: 'We're imagining water running right now.'

    • Cobie: [On How I Met Your Mother] There are a lot of sides to the characters on our show. Lily can be sarcastic, smart, funny. They're hooking into all these grey areas of the characters.

    • Cobie: [On Ted and her character's relationship in How I Met Your Mother] Yes. It's very interesting of them to pursue that and explore that type of relationship, even though everyone knows she's not the mother. But that doesn't mean it's any less significant.

    • Cobie: [On How I Met Your Mother] Ted is such a romantic, he's more of the girl in the situation, I suppose. But I think it's a realistic approach. A lot of people have opinions about Robin and him not ending up together, but I always say, just because they don't end up together doesn't mean it's not a significant relationship.

    • Cobie: [On How I Met Your Mother] I've read a lot of scripts and I'm really luck to be able to play a woman who's funny and can be charming and has a mischievous side to her as well. I'm really lucky.

  • Cobie is in the Avengers Movie!

    I think she played as Agent Hill. She kicked ass!
  • I was spellbound when I saw her the first time.She has driven me crazy and I believe that no one can surpass her in beauty and expressions.Her role as "Robin" in How I Met Your Mother is enchanting.She has big future ahead as an actress. Good luckmoreless

    She is awesome.I like her acting,the way she carries herself,her expressions,her cute smile..I lke everything about her.I cant imagine anything beyond her.She rocks as "Robin" in How I Met Your Mother.She is fascinating.She is the best of all other actresses I have seen.She is one of my personal favorites.Its only for her that I see the above sitcom (HIMYM).I know this might sound crazy but I wish I could just keep watching her smiling forever.She drives me crazy..I have drawn a sketch of her too.Frankly,she is the most beautiful of all actresses.She is pretty good at acting and she will be a successful actress..I wish her the very best in all her upcoming Endeavours.

    God..she is simply gr8!!

    Its only for her..moreless