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  • yourr march 21 pic matches one of mine yours is prettier

  • ugly whore

    She is a slut she is on how i met your mother she is so gross and slutty like miley Cyrus she ruins HIMYM i hope she dies
  • Cobie is in the Avengers Movie!

    I think she played as Agent Hill. She kicked ass!
  • I was spellbound when I saw her the first time.She has driven me crazy and I believe that no one can surpass her in beauty and expressions.Her role as "Robin" in How I Met Your Mother is enchanting.She has big future ahead as an actress. Good luck

    She is awesome.I like her acting,the way she carries herself,her expressions,her cute smile..I lke everything about her.I cant imagine anything beyond her.She rocks as "Robin" in How I Met Your Mother.She is fascinating.She is the best of all other actresses I have seen.She is one of my personal favorites.Its only for her that I see the above sitcom (HIMYM).I know this might sound crazy but I wish I could just keep watching her smiling forever.She drives me crazy..I have drawn a sketch of her too.Frankly,she is the most beautiful of all actresses.She is pretty good at acting and she will be a successful actress..I wish her the very best in all her upcoming Endeavours.
    God..she is simply gr8!!
    Its only for her..
  • One of my most favorite actresses in the hilarious role of Robin in How I Met Your Mother

    I absolutely fell in love with Cobie Smulders the moment I started watching How I met your Mother. I think that the moment I really began to enjoy her as an actress and not just as a character on TV was when she and her castmates were on the Megan Mullally Show. The cast interview was probably one of my favorite episodes. A personal favorite show moment was probably in the episode in which the other two are suffering from major hangovers but good old Robin is still drunk from the night before. Her comdey is one of the greatest on TV today. I appreciate that she is so young and talented and hope that her career continues to grow and we will be seeing her on tv for a while.
  • She is totally hot and does an awesome job as Robin in How I Met Your Mother.

    This is my favorite actor in my favorite show. Robin might not be my favorite character but Cobie Smulders really does a great job acting as her. I haven't seen her in any other roles though, but I'm gonna try to check out the other stuff she has done as soon as possible. She is very talented in my opinion and she is ofcourse, gorgeous. I think it would be great with a show starring Smulders in the lead. I'll keep my fingers crossed and just hope that it will happen soon. Though, I would not want it to ruin HIMYM, so she will have to wait until that show is done.
  • whaoooh mama!

    damn Cobie is so beautiful!!!! she's doing a great job on the best show 'How I Met Your Mother' and looking extra sexy too!!!! She has a cutest smile and has a great personality. hopefully she'll become a bigger star after people realise how great a person she comes across and how good an actor she is. Watch out for this one!!!!
  • Cobie Smulders the most beautiful woman on television today.

    Cobie Smulders is the most beautiful woman on TV right now. Cobie Smulders has the smart girl, the girl next door all grown up look down perfectly.i love robin and Cobie Smulders. i would love to meet Cobie Smulders in person. Cobie Smulders is sooo lovely. those full lips. those long legs that cute little butt. her cute voice. i watch the show just to watch cobie smulders. i wanna be the one having sex with robin aka cobie smulders. Cobie Smulders is hotter than Scarlett Johanson by leaps and bounds without a doubt. can this be any longer. i think not.
  • Cobie has a fresh, clean and witty personality, she deserves to be a big star and have the opportunity of developing her full talent.

    I hope this program will continue, to have the pleasure of looking at this BEAUTIFUL lady.I agree with others that she is the cutest girl i´ve have seen in a lot of time on TV.
    If she rises to stardom, I wish that she stays "down to earth" and maybe, write me some lines :-)
    Best luck and health to you all
  • She is even more beautiful in real life. I met her when I used to work at UCG Wireless in West Hollywood.

    I used to sell her T-Mobile prepaid cards at my West Hollywood store. I believe that she was renting in Beverly Hills at the time. I remember asking her if she was going to school here, and she told me she was an actress. I said that she should try out for Smallville since they film in Canada. She said that she was on there (Bonded). I ran her credit to get T-Mobile ($500 deposit). I told her good luck and haven't seen her since February, probably when she got the role for "How I Met Your Mother." REALNAME: Jacoba.
  • what can i say? in her new series she's HOT HOT HOT !

    ohh and vey talented :) she was built for her role. If you havent seen the PILOT " how i met your mother " then go and download it right now.

    most all of us can empathize with the main charectors plight when after he firsts meets her.

    make shure to comply with U.S. copy right laws when downloading matrerial in the U.S.
  • Cobie Smulders is one of the most, if not the most beautiful actress ever. She's also got great talent. She's actually not a very well-known actress, but if her new sitcom 'How I Met Your Mother' make it through the first season, things will change drasti

    I've seen all Cobie's work as an actress and I must say that all recent stars like Katie Holmes, Kirsten Dunst or Sophia Bush (I admire all these actresses very much) can't compare to Cobie. She's just too smart in all her roles, not to mention far the most beautiful actress ever.
    I predict a great film-related future for Cobie Smulders. I already predicted she will get her own TV Series 3 years ago and check it out, she's got two by now, underrated Veritas the Quest and now hopefully better-rated sitcom romantic comedy 'How I Met Your Mother'.
    Go Cobie, you're the best!