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  • I was spellbound when I saw her the first time.She has driven me crazy and I believe that no one can surpass her in beauty and expressions.Her role as "Robin" in How I Met Your Mother is enchanting.She has big future ahead as an actress. Good luck

    She is awesome.I like her acting,the way she carries herself,her expressions,her cute smile..I lke everything about her.I cant imagine anything beyond her.She rocks as "Robin" in How I Met Your Mother.She is fascinating.She is the best of all other actresses I have seen.She is one of my personal favorites.Its only for her that I see the above sitcom (HIMYM).I know this might sound crazy but I wish I could just keep watching her smiling forever.She drives me crazy..I have drawn a sketch of her too.Frankly,she is the most beautiful of all actresses.She is pretty good at acting and she will be a successful actress..I wish her the very best in all her upcoming Endeavours.
    God..she is simply gr8!!
    Its only for her..