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  • Trivia

    • On December 2, 2008, Coby and his wife had their second set of twins- a boy and girl named Eli and Quinn.

    • Aside from acting, Coby is interested in producing films. In 2006, he starred in and co-produced Drifting Elegant. This marked his debut as a producer.

    • Coby is bi-racial. His dad is African American and his mom is Caucasian.

    • Coby Bell participated in the Barack the Vote event to show his support for Barack Obama in the upcoming 2008 presidential elections.

    • Coby is involved in Big Brothers of America, where he mentors underprivileged youth.

    • Coby was featured in a special celebrity Third Watch edition of The Weakest Link. He made it to the final round where he then lost to Skipp Sudduth in a sudden-death round.

    • Coby is married to Aviss Pinkney-Bell.

    • He has twin girls, Serrae and Jaena, born Saturday 21st June 2003.

    • Of all the actors on Third Watch, Coby Bell officer Ty Davis, Jr. lived the closest to ground zero. He and his wife, at home two blocks from the World Trade Center complex, woke to the sound of the first plane passing over their building. They thought a pilot had broken the sound barrier.

    • Coby Bell is going to star in Drifting Elegant (2006) as Renny Lyles. This is in post-production.

    • Coby is an honors graduate of San Jose State University in California.

    • Coby is 6'3" (1.91 m) tall.

    • Coby enjoys playing basketball and tennis. He also sings and plays keyboard in a band.

  • Quotes

    • Coby Bell: Dad always said, 'Buddy, it's just a job'. I'd go to all these things and see all these celebrity-type people acting crazy and all big-headed. And he'd tell me, 'It's not the should go do your job and come home. You don't need to get involved in all that craziness'.

    • Coby Bell: When I first booked [Third Watch], I had just started dating my girlfriend, who is now my wife. We only started dating six months before and everything was going well and I get this job. They said, we were either going to shoot in San Francisco, Miami, Seattle or New York. So we didn't know for a week where I was gonna live. Then we found out and boom, I had to move to New York...took me a while to get used to. [New York's] just go, go, go.

    • Coby Bell: I've always been put into the category of African American as far as Hollywood goes. I've never had a problem finding work, so I've been lucky in that sense.

    • Coby Bell: (About his profession on Third Watch) It's a dirty job. I mean, I couldn't do it. Me, personally, I don't think I'm brave enough to be a police officer.

    • Coby Bell: (About Barack Obama) He makes sense. He's logical, he's reasonable, he's intelligent, he's wise...all the things that are lacking from the current administration. He's better than anyone else who's out there. [He's] the man that I want to be the next president of the United States.

    • Coby Bell: (About his favorite episode from Third Watch) I think it was Season 2-the one with this guy who was riding around on a bike shooting cops. And he ends up shooting this guy that was in the Academy with Ty. There's this beautiful funeral scene at the end.

    • Coby Bell: (About working with Skipp Sudduth) He and became such good friends. We're still really tight. We would just make each other laugh all the time and then be real serious when the cameras were rolling. But when they yelled 'cut,' we'd start goofing around again.