Cody McMains





10/4/1985 , Pasadena, California, USA

Birth Name

Cody Arthur McMains




A new addition to Hollywood's young talent scene is Cody McMains. Born and raised in Pasadena, California, Cody began his film career at the age of nine, as Tom Arnold's son in BIG BULLY. He has since gone on to land numerous commercials and TV appearance, including the Lead in the TV Film WHAT LOVE SEES, for which he was honored with a Youth in Film Award in 1998.

1999 was a busy year for Cody, as he worked on five feature films. Most notable is the critically acclaimed TUMBLEWEEDS (which won a Golden Globe Award and an Oscar Nomination). In it, he plays Adam, Kimberly J. Brown's boyfriend. He received a Nomination for a Young Artists Award, in the category of Best Supporting Actor for his role in TUMBLEWEEDS.

Cody then wrapped a production in Canada: a Lead Role opposite Mara Wilson, Alex Baldwin and Peter Fonda in THOMAS AND THE MAGIC RAILROAD.

Cody had three more films released in 2000: MADISON with Jake Lloyd and Bruce Dern, CHEER FEVER with Kirsten Dunst and ESCAPE TO GRIZZLY MOUNTAIN.

Away from the camera Cody is very active in sports, enjoying Snowboarding, Rollerblading, Skateboarding and Surfing.