Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat


5/28/1985, Newbury Park, California, USA

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Colbie Marie Caillat


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Colbie is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist.


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    • Colbie: If you listen to an album like Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, every song has its place. If you took one away you'd spoil the balance of the entire record. That's the kind of album I wanted to make.

    • Colbie: (About "Bubbly") It's meant to make you feel good and everybody can relate to it.

    • Colbie: I took an improv class at junior college because I'm really shy in front of people up on stage. I ended up dropping the class because I had a scene I had to do. My parents were so mad at me because I just quit something I was trying to overcome. So I went upstairs into my room bawling and wrote "One Fine Wire."

    • Colbie: In the past few months I've been preparing myself for this crazy adventure. I know many challenges and frustrations lie ahead, and I am going to learn a lot. But if I can come home with some great new songs, amazing experiences, and new friends, it will all be worth it.

    • Colbie: Coco is my nickname. My parents called me it since I was a baby. And then my friends called me that, now my producer calls me it. So I just, I don't know, I figured that would be a cool name for the album.

    • Colbie: If something's biting me I hold it in because that's the kind of person I am. Then it comes out in songs. Things build up inside of me and I'll write three songs in a weekend. It's a release. I don't choose what to write about. It's just there.

    • Colbie: I think Lauryn Hill's voice is absolutely beautiful and it made me want to start singing so I entered a talent show and of course I sang one of her songs.

    • Colbie: I needed to play an instrument to write songs and although I had piano lessons as a kid, it never went anywhere because I was never in the right state of mind to practice.

    • Colbie: I want my songs to make people feel good.