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  • Colby's lost and mistakes, but still talented nonetheless

    Well, I watched Colby Donaldson on TV when I was around 12 years old and he was in Survivor: Australian Outback. At first I thought that this guy was going to go far. I didn't really like him for I was too young to like guys back then. The bad thing about Colby was that he snored so loud keeping the Ogakor tribe all awake so much that Kel or Mitchell had to wake him up and tell him about this situation. Trust me, you don't want to spend a night with Colby. The biggest mistake that he made was that, though yes, Amber did like Colby, he should've voted off Tina over Keith. Tina would've understood sincerely why. Colby could've defeated Keith for no one really liked him except maybe Tina or Elisabeth. I just felt so shocked when Tina won over Colby. Colby is still great!
  • Great on Survivor

    I loved Colby on the Australian Outback
    Dominating the challenges
    But got rid of Keith instead of Tina
    Big mistake Colby! Big, big, mistake!
    But nonetheless, on the other hand, he picked friendship over cutthroat.
    I don't blame him for that.
    If Jeff Probst didn't host Survivor, I would definately consider Colby to be a front-runner.