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    • Cole Hauser: (talking about his movie "The Cave") You're burning calories and pulling around your own weight, so you become strong for your own body type instead of just working out and being a big, muscular, thick guy. I also didn't even know people did this stuff, that they'd go 24 hours underwater exploring caves and finding new plants and species. I thought, 'What a cool idea and setting for a sci-fi film.' I've seen Pitch Black and aliens in outer space, but never something like this set on our own planet.

    • Cole Hauser: (talking about his movie "The Cave") Driving to set stunk. Getting to set stunk even worse, and then you're in confined places with a bunch of guys. And Europeans are not really noted for their hygiene. So it's 98 degrees, you're sweating in that wet suit… It was definitely an experience, just as far as being in very tight quarters.

    • Cole: (talking about what drew him to his part in "The Cave") Rock climbing and diving - I'd never done any of that before. But if I ever wanted to get back in really great shape, I'd probably [do it again], because it's one of the best things you can do physically.

    • Cole: Most of the films I do are action-dramas. They're not really like one thing or the other. Fast and the Furious [2] - the part of it that's action, I'm not really part of. I'm part of the drama side. I'm playing this guy who pretty much runs Miami and runs drugs and money launders and stuff like that. But especially with Tears of the Sun - the Bruce Willis film, Antoine Fuqua - it's an intense film about humanity in Africa and about America helping out. It's going to shock a lot of people. We did some really amazing things in that movie. It was insane, the amount of action, it was just unreal, and the drama part of it is really real. Antoine did a great job and Bruce is a genius, he's great at what he does, and it's just a powerful story. I'm really excited about that movie. I think it's going to be huge, not just in moneymaking but huge in opening a lot of peoples eyes to what's going on in the world.

    • Cole: (when asked about what brought him to acting) It happened with a good friend of mine, Kevin Morgan, who died a few years back. He played football with me, and soccer and stuff like that, and he was big into acting. He was always saying - because I was a really good liar in school - he was like "You'd be a really good actor, man. You bullshit the teachers and half the time they really believe you." I was like "aah, I don't really care about acting, you know, it's kind of a joke. I like sports." I wanted to be a professional athlete when I was younger. The year before, he went [to acting camp] and he told me there were all these beautiful girls, and you do a play, and it's fun, and you get to go to New York.

    • Cole Hauser: (talking about his first leading role in "Paparazzi") I'm excited about having an hour and a half of me. It's been a long road, and I've definitely worked my ___ off to get where I am.

    • Cole: (Speaking about his new show K-Ville) They do things differently in New Orleans, different than around the country as far as the cops I've been around, whether it be New York or Los Angeles. It's just a different style. As far as playing characters that are cops in New Orleans, it's the best kind of cop you can play. The fact is that in doing things different and being around and just the actual place that we're at in the French Quarter and dealing with Louisiana and Ninth Ward, New Orleans East and seeing the things that these guys go through.

    • Cole: (When asked about what career he would pursue if not acting) I think that I'd be an astronaut. It's the ultimate exploration. There's always this infatuation that I've had with planes, and then there's always this thing about space and going out into the country. I'm always looking up at the stars. For me, I was always interested in astrology and stuff like that, and I always thought that it would be cool to be called an astronaut. I mean, you're the epitome of an explorer. Hey, I went to space camp and I loved it. I was so enthralled with the fact that they go outside of the planet and seeing Earth from that angle.

    • Cole: What happens inevitably in this business is you start getting compared to one person or another, whether it be Newman or Brando or Pacino, and those are all nice things to be compared to, but I've never wanted to be anything other than myself. There's nobody as good as me and I'm not as good as anybody else. Cole Hauser is the only person I've ever really wanted to be.

    • Cole: When you get to do an action film it's like you kinda get to go back to being that kid again, you get to play soldier, play cop, you know it's fun. Especially for me, I'm still young enough to do a lot of my own stunts. That's a fun part of being an actor. I did Hi-Lo Country I got to ride a bull. I did Tears of the Sun I got to shoot all kinds of guns and explode things, I mean it's just fun.

    • Cole: (When asked about his numerous supporting roles) I wouldn't approach it any differently if I was starring in a movie than doing a day on a film. It's real simple, just give your 100%. There is no such thing as a small role.

    • Cole: (When asked about dropping out of school) I said to my dad at the time, and my mom, I said "look, I'm not learning anything in school, I've never really learned anything in school. I never really cared about school The only reason I was going to school in the past was to play sports." And they said "well, what do you want to do?" And I said "well, why don't you emancipate me so I don't have to go to school any longer?" I was 14 and a half. And they were like "well what are you going to start working on?" And I'm like "well, I'm going to try to do this acting thing."

    • Cole: (When asked what it was like moving a lot as a child) I was born in California. Moved to Oregon, spent some time in Oregon for about 4 years. Then mom moved us down to Tampa Bay for about 6 years... You spend a lot more time by yourself, you end up working on yourself. You go to another place and it takes a good six months to meet a friend, so it's one of those things where you end up riding your bike around by yourself a lot and you get a lot of time to think.

    • Cole: My mom was a single mom for most of my childhood. She's kind of an old hippie. She was one of those moms that would just get bored. As a kid, it kind of ______ you off because you meet friends and then they're gone and you have to start over again, but as you get older, it's actually something I'm glad she did.

    • Cole: (When asked what attracted him to his role in White Oleander) The book's amazing and it's a terrific film. It's one of those films where you read it and you are just rooting for Alison's character in it. When they said I'd have the opportunity to work with Robin [Wright Penn], that's been a dream of mine to work with her. She's such a beautiful and talented actress and better than that, she's a good person. It was really an honor to work with her.

    • Cole: (When asked about working on the sequel to the Fast and the Furious) I don't really look at it like I'm doing a sequel although it is a sequel. The reality is that it is a sequel but it's more like it's just another film. Paul [Walker] is really the only person that's returning from the movie. Me and him get along really well; I've known him for a while and I'm excited to be working with him. It's a whole different cast - a new cast - and it's going to be a different film. In my opinion, it's going to be much better. I think they've got some great actors.

    • Cole: (on working on the set of Pitch Black) Learning to use all of those weapons and looking like a professional mercenary. It's always fun to play someone like an action hero that you always wanted to play as a child. I think every young boy loves that as a kid. An additional positive experience I had was visiting Australia and exposing myself to that part of the world.