Coleen Gray





10/23/1922 , Staplehurst, Nebraska, USA

Birth Name




Coleen Gray was born in Nebraska on 10/23/1922 and given the birth name Doris Jensen. Following on from her graduation from high school, Coleen studies dramatics at Hamline University, graduating with a B.A. degree. A journey across America ensued, until she enrolled at a drama school in Los Angeles, California. After performing in leading roles in stage productions, 20th Century Fox offered her a contract in 1944. After making her screen debut, Gray took a brief hiatus due to pregnancy but returned in the John Wayne film Red River (1948). Her biggest roles on-screen came in the films Kiss of Death and Nightmare Alley, while she also appeared in Stanley Kubrick's The Killing. After ending her term with Fox, Coleen Gray made guest appearances in several television series including Ironside, 77 Sunset Strip, Family Affair and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Coleen has been married on three occasions and has two children, one from each of her first two marriages.