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Colin Buchanan


Edinburgh, Scotland

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Colin Watson


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  • Colin Buchanan, the sexy co-star of BBC mystery series Dalziel & Pascoe, has become a personal favourite of mine since I began watching the series on TVOntario in 2003.

    One of my very favourite mystery series is the BBC series Dalziel & Pascoe, which first aired in 1996 in the UK. Starring Warren Clarke as Detective Superintendant Andy Dalziel and Colin Buchanan as Detective Inspector Peter Pascoe, the series is one of the smartest, wittiest and intriguing mystery dramas on TV.

    The first several seasons' episodes were based on the Reginald Hill novels; after that, writers developed original dramas based on the characters Dalziel & Pascoe.

    Both lead actors, each in his own individual way, are bright, funny and sexy. Yes, boorish "Andy", fat, middle-aged and homely, because of the actor's innate self-confidence,and offbeat charm is oddly appealing to women. But Colin Buchanan, especially in the earlier episodes (1996-2000), is drop-dead gorgeous, charming and swooningly sexy. He also, like Clarke, has a marvelously dead pan delivery for the clever, often throwaway, lines the series is noted for.

    The episodes' plots are intricate, and usually, plausible, with a pretty accurate portrayal of police procedure.

    Sadly, the BBC has not seen fit to put the series on either VHS or DVD -- at least not yet. Apparently, because the series wasn't as popular in the U.S. market as they need to warrant it (although popular here in Canada and very much so in the UK). I'm hoping the rumour I hear that the BBC may undertake a DVD series is true!

    Adrienne Jones

    Toronto, Ontario Canadamoreless