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  • Colin Egglesfield currently plays Josh Madden on All My Children.

    I just started watching All My Children regularly a few months ago and since then Josh has become one of my #1 favorite characters on the show. Collin Egglesfield plays the role so well, and I have to say that he is a very good actor. He's definitely one of my favorite actors from All My Children. When I first started watching, it didn't seem like Josh had a very big story line, but it's good to see that Josh has been getting used on the show a lot lately. I really think that Collin is a very good actor, and I also think that he's very good looking. All in all, I have really enjoyed Collin's work on All My Children since I first started watching the show, and I can't wait to see where his acting career is headed. I really hope that he goes on to achieve great success. Although, I hope that Collin is on All My Children for a long time to come.