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  • Good actor plus GORGEOUS!

    Not a bad actor. Was a drug and alcoholic but has since gotten sober.
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    a really great actor, well.. a drug addicted actor, but an actor nevertheless..
  • Favorite

    You have to admit it.... He's aboveeeee gorgeous!! That cute litlle bad boy face is just ready to be kissed and pinched and smooched(ok.. now I sound like a grandma', but you know what I mean, hopefully). Colin Farrell is like the perfect image of a bad boy. And even that cigarette he's always smoking, wherever he is or whatever he does, looks so good! I've saw his movies... the acting is not that incredible, it's more like.. so-so. Or average. But that doesn't stop me to not like him. As in the case of other hundreds or millions of his girl fans :D.
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    Colin Farrell is a quite underrated actor. People see him as a Hollywood hotshot without talent, who only plays in blockbuster crap like S.W.A.T. But there's more to Farrell than meets the eye. If one would take a chance to watch Tigerland for example, he would see that Colin Farrell is a great and versatile actor who only needs to pick his movies with a bit more care.
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    A real tough guy and a modern day James Dean, Colin Farrell is nonetheless a very talented actor. Some may hate him for his bad attitude and reckless lifestyle, but I have enjoyed most of his films, with the exception of the awful, "Daredevil." Of all of his movies, my favorite has to be "Phone Booth."
  • Attitude, attitude.

    Though he does have a bit of a snarky attitude he is a real metamorpher when it comes to his acting. He can do it all. From a sensitive odd ball in At Home at the end of the World, to a crazd psycho in Daredevil (the only good part of the movie), to a world explorer in The New World. He can really mold and press himself into a lot of different roles, he has real staying power. Excellent actor by all accounts.
  • Could someone please give this man an acting lesson?

    Goodness gracious, this is one of those actors that I will never understand how in the world they ever become famous in the first place! He's awful! I don't care if some people find him attractive, he is absolutely talentless. Not to mention smarmy, and full of himself from what I've seen in interviews.
    Colin Farrell is definitely one actor that I hope will fade away sooner than later.
  • Born on May 31, 1976, Farrell studied acting at the Gaiety School of Drama in Dublin and has established himself as a recognizable talent back home with a starring role in the BBC series "Ballykissangel" (1996) and Deirdre Purcell's miniseries Falling for

    Colin wen't to the Gaiety school of acting in Dublin, where he left to join "Ballykissangel" a stupid soap that mostly old people watched, but after he joined the soap started doing much better, he then was spotteed in a play in London by Kevin Spacey (I think Kevin Spacey is a better man than you at judging talent greentea) who thought he stole the show and recommended him to Joel Schumacher for a small role in the new film "Ordinary Decent Crimanal" about the life of Martin Cahill "The General". Then came the auditions for "Tigerland". He was late, and told to go home and send in a video of himself saying some lines. He went home and did that with his sister. And out of all the Texans that i'm sure are good actors, who gets picked? An Irish newcomer who once again stole the show might i add. Not only was he beleivable as a Texan but also as a young man going to war who hated the thought of it. Critical acclaim for Minority Report and also I know "Daredevil" was a crap movie but Colins performance shone threw and the critics loved him. Phone Booth, acting masterclass. Your basically looking at him for the whole movie and he holds your attention as much as the twelve angry men. And i also thought his speach at the end was brilliant. I thought The Recruit was OK, and Colins acting was fine, nothing amazing though, but come on, he had a chance to work with "AL PACINO". Swat was just a big blockbuster and I didn't really like it but everyone acted good. Alexander he was just mis-cast and personally i just think that movie was misunderstood. People are still waiting for a Gladiator 2. And sorry buddy, but "Miami Vice" and "The New World" are going to be superb, and i'll tell you how in five words, Michael Mann and Terrice Malick. So me personally greentea, I think he's been acting far from horrible. I think he's been acting just fine.
  • OMG can you say Gorgeous,sexy,cute,fine as hell!

    I just watch movies just to watch him he is so sexy! I especially liked him in the movie SWAT he was awesome in that movie and he is really a good actor! lol has anyone ever heard him in a interview? I guess cussing is one of his strong points and it makes him even more cuter!