Colin Friels

Colin Friels


9/25/1952, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

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Born in Scotland on the 25th of September 1952, Colin Friels moved to Australia when he was 11 in 1963. He settled down in Melbourne, where he then went on to the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in 1976, where he met his now wife, Australian actress Judy…more


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    • Colin: Your kids can be cruel. Jack was sitting at the table and he turns around and asks me - 'Dad, don't you think you've done a bit of over-acting in your time?'

    • Colin: (part of his speech after he won a Logie) I'm very flattered for this and it's all rather silly isn't it? So thank you very much.

    • Colin is married to Australian actress Judy Davis, and together they have two children.

    • Colin was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 1997. He made the decision to leave Water Rats, the show he was working on, a year later, because of the work load and his cancer.

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  • I'm sure we can call him Australian, despite being born in Scotland!

    Colin Friels is a terrific Australian actor with many, many wonderful credits to his name.

    He's been in movies such as: Dingo, Dark City, Weekend With Kate, Mr Reliable, Tom White and The Man Who Sued God. TV shows such as: Water Rats and Halifax F.P. And most recently, the telemovie BlackJack, which has a number of sequels. Colin has pretty much done it all.

    His acting is so believable and great to watch, it's no surprise that he has so many fans from different generations and walks of life.

    And really, for someone his age (he's 53), Colin isn't a bad-looking bloke either!moreless