Colin Hanks

Colin Hanks


11/24/1977, Sacramento, CA, USA

Birth Name

Colin Lewes Dillingham


  • Jack (Colin Hanks) and Dan (Bradley Whit...
  • Colin Hanks is Jack Bailey and Bradley W...
  • Colin Hanks is Jack Bailey on The Good G...
  • Colin Hanks is Jack Bailey and Bradley W...
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Colin is the son of A-list actor Tom Hanks and Samantha Lewes (who passed away from cancer). He has two half brothers, Chester and Truman, and a sister, Elizabeth. Colin attended Chapman University in Orange County, where his father filmed "That Thing you Do." He and his friends…more


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    • Colin (on keeping his last name): It's a total catch-22. The way I see it is maybe I've got more balls, you know, since I didn't change my name. I mean it was never a big thing for me. I paid it about two seconds worth of thought and then that was really sort of it. Ultimately it really doesn't matter. And also then I think it doesn't confuse people so much 'cause I remember going 'Wait a minute. You mean to tell me that Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez are brothers?' I didn't want to come up with some generic Johnny Bravo type name. I'm not that cool, so I might as well stick with my birth name.

    • Colin: I collect watches because I'm always late, and I need to know exactly how late I'm going to be - in order to come up with a good excuse.

  • Modern actor, Classic charm

    I recently discovered Colin Hanks on The Good Guys, a fun, quasi retro cop show. Loved the ensemble work on the show, especially the dynamic between Brad Whitford's feisty Dan Stark and the calm nuance of Hanks' Jack Bailey.

    As a dramatist I was particularly struck by the 'old fashioned' Jimmy Stewart charm of young Colin Hanks.

    'Charm' has been in short supply in recent years. I look forward to more of Colin Hanks' work.moreless

    Colin hanks is a very talented young actor i saw him in roswell and orange county ,king kong he was great , now i'm one of his biggest fans .

    when i see him acting i forget that he is just acting cause he makes the scenes verey real that makes me believe him . he is so humble and nice every one who has worked with him says that . I wish him luck and to be a great star like his dad and to have a happy life i can't wait for the great buck howard this is a new movie that will gather colin with two of the biggest stars Tom hanks and John Malkovich a story of renowned illusionist (Malkovich) continues its decline, a young man (Colin Hanks) fresh out of school becomes his new assistant. But his father (Hanks) is not enthused about his son's career choice at all.