Colin Lane

Colin Lane


3/25/1965, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Birth Name

Colin Stuart Lane



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Australian comedian Colin Lane has been a part of the comedy scene for many years, as part of a duo with Frank Woodley.

In the 80's, Colin was studying education in Melbourne, when he met Frank at a theatre called St Martins. In 1987, they formed the duo…more


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    • August, 2008 - Colin is playing the role of Pooh-Bah in Essgee's production of The Mikado. The show is being performed at the Lyric Theatre in Brisbane. The production also stars David Collins (from The Umbilical Brothers), Graeme Isakko (from So you think you can dance Australia), Julie Andrews, David Gould, and Helen Donaldson.

    • One of Colin's proudest moments was receiving a standing ovation at the Sydney Opera House for his show The Island with Frank Woodley.

    • Colin has released an album with Frank Woodley, entitled Lano and Woodley Sing Songs.

    • In 2000, Colin hosted the Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala with Frank Woodley.

    • Colin's 2004-2005 show with Frank Woodley was entitled The Island. The comedy sketches, songs and audience interactions were based around the duo being stranded on a desert island.

    • During the Melbourne Comedy International Gala 2006, Colin held an impromptu vote to find out who the audience prefered - him or Frank Woodley. Colin lost.

    • Colin, with Frank Woodley, appeared at the Melbourne International Comedy Gala 2006, for the last time (as a duo). They did their sleeping bag dance.

    • Colin appeared in the movie The Extra.

    • In 1994, Colin and comedy partner Frank Woodley were awarded the coverted Perrier Award - kind of like an Oscar for comedy - at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

    • Colin's 2006 comedy show is titled Goodbye, and is the farewell show for his duo with Frank Woodley.

    • Colin has stated that after Lano and Woodley end, he would like to be more involved with "straight" theatre and possibly journalism.

    • In 2006, Colin and Frank announced they were going to "call it a day" after 20 years together, and will be focusing on their solo careers.

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