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    • 2012 Public Appearances:
      -December 13th, 2012: English National Ballet Christmas Party, Markova House, London.
      -December 9th, 2012: The 24 Hour Musicals, Step In Time, Old Vic Theatre, London.
      -November 12th, 2012: ATP Tour Finals, O2 Arena, London.
      -November 3rd, 2012: The Cold Convention, Thistle City Hotel Barbican, London, UK.
      -October 26th, 2012: BBC One Breakfast Show.
      -October 24th, 2012: BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show.
      -October 24th, 2012: Hot Radio 102.8.
      -October 23rd, 2012: Insight Radio's Morning Mix.
      -October 23rd, 2012: 96.5 Bolton FM radio.
      -October 17th, 2012: Loserville musical, Garrick Theatre, London, UK.
      -July 15th, 2012: San Diego Comic Con, Merlin panel, San Diego, USA.
      -April 14th, 2012: Titanic Commemoration Concert, BBC Two and BBC Northern Ireland.
      -February 11th, 2012: The 9th Annual Irish Film & Television Awards (IFTA), Convention Centre Dublin, Ireland.
      -January 31st, 2012: The Daily Show.
      -January 25th, 2012: National Television Awards, O2 Arena, London.
      -January 12th, 2012: Hamlet production starring Michael Sheen at the Young Vic in Southwark/London with Merlin co-star Bradley James.