Colleen Camp





6/7/1953 , San Francisco, California

Birth Name

Colleen Celeste Camp




The multi-faceted Colleen Camp has been on stage since the age of three, and has starred or co-starred in over 50 films. The California-born actress gained her television fame as one of the extra added attractions on "The Dean Martin Show". Her first film role as a human servant in "Battle For the Planet of the Apes" went uncredited. Colleen gained excellent notices for her role as Connie Thompson, Miss Imperial County, in director Michael Ritchies satire of beauty contests, in "Smile" (1975).
On the primetime soap Dallas, Colleen created the role of Sue Ellen's sister, Kristen Shepard, who would later (as portrayed by Mary Crosby) be the answer to the question, "Who shot J.R?"
A versatile, and chameleon-like actor, she is equally good at portraying the most sexy, or the most unattractive roles. In addition to acting in three Martha Coolidge films, Colleen had a song on the Billboard Charts, "One Day Since Yesterday", from the 1981 soundtrack of "They All Laughed", in which she also starred. Ms. Camp is also married to Paramount president John Goldwyn, she still acts, although her roles have decreased in and she has begun to make a name for herself as a producer.