Colleen Dewhurst





6/3/1924 , Montreal, Quebec, Canada



Birth Name

Colleen Rose Dewhurst




Colleen Dewhurst, born June 3, 1924, in Montreal, Quebec, is considered one of the finest contemporary tragediennes of theater and film, known for her majestic stature, husky voice and careworn appearance. Her family moved to the States when she was small, and Dewhurst grew up in Wisconsin, where she attended drama school and began stage work, taking on many Shakespearean roles. In 1956 she played Katharina in Taming of the Shrew, which proved to be a career turning point. She met George C. Scott in 1958, and they married and divorced twice, producing two sons. Dewhurst's signature role was Josie Hogan in A Moon for the Misbegotten, a role she played in 1958 and 1965, and again in the 1974 Broadway revival, for which she won a Tony. In addition to stage work, Dewhurst appeared in many movies, television films, and television series episodes over her 45-year career. Although success came later in life, Dewhurst won numerous awards, including Two Tonys and four Emmys. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer but refused treatment because of her Christian Science beliefs. In 1985 she played Marilla in Anne of Green Gables, and was to reprise the role, but died on August 22, 1991, prior to completion of filming, at age 67.