Colleen Haskell

Colleen Haskell


12/6/1976, Bethesda,Maryland,USA

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Colleen Marie Haskell was born and raised in Bethedsa,Maryland.She went to school by way of Walter Johnson High and she graduated in the year of 1994.She attended Walter Johnson High in Bethesda, Maryland, graduating in 1994. She attended college at University of Georgia where she studied in London,England…more


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  • So exstremely cute... Love Her;)

    Well Colleen Haskell , is mostly know as being in Survivor and acting in \"The Animal\" (2001), which starred her and Rob Schneider. That\'s the first time i noticed her, and just thought... WOW that girl is so cute...

    She acted great along with Rob Schneider, and i loved the movie, and still do...

    That\'s the only movie, she has starred in.

    The thing is that Colleen herself hated the movie, and didn\'t made more movies since then. Her latest acting job, was in 2002 in \"Maybe It\'s me\".

    But i just can\'t help thinking, what a great movie star she could have been, if she had continued her acting, but it\'s her choice, and hey who knows maybe we\'ll se here again very soon starring, in another crazy comedy along with Rob Schneider:D...

  • Very cute and sweet!

    She is very cute and one of the favorites in Survivor

    One of the originals IMO and that she also

    Was the last Pagong member to survive the show longer before she got voted out by Richard Hatch and his band of crazies.

    Wonder where she is today? Guess she wanted to lay low perhaps you know.