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  • She should be more well-known.

    Colleen is a superb voice actor. Up until recently, I didn't know much about her, but now that I do I'm glad. She's a splendid voice actor who does some of my favorite characters.

    She provided the voice of Sora for 'Digimon'. This was my favorite of all of her performances. Sora was sorta the den-mother type character. Yeah she was a bit tom-boy, but she was also the calm character who tried to keep the group together. Collen did a fantastic job on Sora. She really made Sora lovable.

    Jazz Fenton (Danny Phantom) is the perfect older sister. Good grades, peppy spirit, and maturity of an adult. Jazz is also caring and watch out for Danny. Collen does a good job on Jazz. She knows how to change your feeling about Jazz at an instance. At one momment you want to yell get out the screen, and at the next, you start loving her again.

    The most current voice of Collen's is Suzie. A lot of people can't stand Suzie and I'm one of them. The thing about it though, is Collen helps you hate Suzie. She gives Suzie one of those voices that makes you fell like punching her.

    In short, Collen's fantastic. I'm keeping my fingers cross that she'll be a bigger star.
  • She's voiced another group of pretty girls

    Colleen O'Shaughnessey is another one of my favorite voice actresses for cartoon/anime shows. I've seen Digimon, Danny Phantom and Naruto, and she voices a pretty girl (Sora, Jazz and Ino(Although Sakura is prettier. Sorry if it offends you!)) I hope to see more voicework featuring her, and I hope to meet you one day!
  • awsome

    I love Zatch Bell thanks for all the laughs as suzy i loved how u always got lost lol u did such a good job as a ditz always had me rolling on the floor laughing. I loved all the characters and you were no exception thanks again. Also ur a michigander thats cool I am too i was shocked when i saw u were from Grand rapids really made me smile peace
  • she great

    she is in alot of my faviort shows she digimon, naruto, danny phantom and many oters. the frist show she was in that i saw was digimon the frist and second seasons as Sora Takenouchi. than she was ino and Konohamaru in naruto, and in danny phantom she was jazz. she was also in bleach and zacth bell. And she is now in digimon again as Yoshino. she is a good voice acter and i what to see more voice work for her as i grow older, beacues she was in allmost every show a wacth when i was wacth over the years.
  • Pretty good.

    Colleen is one of my favorite voice actresses. She does a voice on one of my favorite shows: Danny Phantom. In this show, she does the voice of Danny's smart older sister Jazz. The voice Colleen chooses to use for Jazz is perfect. It's not too high, not too low - perfect for a teenager. There's also something in her voice that says something about Jazz's personality. It's kind of snobby, yet concerned and over protective at the same time. There are times in the series when Jazz is over protective and concerned for Danny, but there are other times when she can be snobby and in your face. Colleen's voice is able to project both emotions and help us understand Jazz's personality while watching the show.
  • im impressed by her roles she has lots of great television roles i think collen o'shaughnessey is very talented she should have her own show

    she was on digimon digital monsters amazing plus she is the voice of jazz fenton from danny phanton my favorite collen o'shaghnessy character is ino from naruto im impressed by that role she should have her own show so i give this red haired girl a 10.0 out of 10.0
  • Danny Phantom Danny Phantom Danny Phantom Danny Phantom!

    Plays a very bigt character on Danny Phantom. She plays Jazz and I think she is very good at it. I watch alot of the shows she is in and is very good at them, but i wish she was in more shows so then more people can appriciate her.