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Collin Raye

Collin Raye



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  • Colin Raye is a very talented artist.

    Colin Raye has a very beautiful voices in country music. I have all his cd's that he as done. He is very talented and he puts meaning into all the songs that he sings. There isn't one song that he does that I don't like. He does wonderful Christmas music. One of my favorite Christmas songs that he sang was The Gift. He put a lot of feeling into that song. His voice is so smooth and soft. He has made alot of videos in his profession. There isn't one of them that I didn't like. I like all of his songs. He is one of the best country singers out there today. He is alwyas neat in his appearance. He just has want it takes. Would love to see more of him.moreless
  • Songs that inspire

    I find that Collin's songs and lyrics inspire me. They have such great meaning and are true to the heart. He is one of the most talented country singers of today. He has a beautiful voice and sings with such effortless quality. He sings from his heart and sould. That is what makes him of of the best. His songs are an inspiration to many people.