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    Colm Feore is a great actor and he has portrayed wide range of characters, from good and lovable to bad and twisted, and has been capable of playing them convincingly like a true chameleon. I was carried away by his performance in Highwaymen from 2004. I have watched many films and TV shows he played in and I always like to see him on screen and enjoy his performance. Colm manages to steel entire scenes for himself everytime he appears in front of cameras. Therefore, he has been awarded several times.

    He does not do only film and television work, but also stage work I am looking forward to seeing him in another film or TV show.
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    This guy has received several awards. He has done 40 movies. He plays some intense, characters, usually on the negative, intimidating side. I have seen 5 of his top 10 listed on this site to date. The Chronicles of Riddick character was the most memorable for me. A very evil man!