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    • Colton (on who he was close with on "American Idol"): Kady, Ramiele, Danny, Joanne, Asia'H and I were just kind of this like superpower of comedians. We always had everyone laughing and we would make each other laugh, all the time. They were calling me this morning, as soon as they woke up. All the way through the whole process, we've been really, really, really tight -- like brothers and sisters.

    • Colton (on if he plans to sing on Broadway): I've had two dreams in life. Number one was to be on 'American Idol,' because I grew up with the show, and number two was to be on Broadway. So, I can check off my first one, and hopefully that first check will lead me into the second one. I'm going to set up as many auditions as I can and really go for that. One of my favorites is 'Wicked.' I would love to play the male, Fiero. Oh my God, that's my dream role!

    • Colton (on when he felt a resemblance to Ellen DeGeneres): People have been saying it for years. I'm one of her biggest fans. One day I kind of looked in the mirror and I was like, "Maybe everyone's right! Maybe I do really look like Ellen." I figured I might as well embrace it. I know that she called Ryan Seacrest and was laughing with [him]. If Ellen's reading this ... give me a call!

    • Colton (on if he was offended when Simon told him to get a job): Simon's job is to be Simon Cowell. So, I expected him to say something like that. But I also kept in mind -- and I think America kind of kept in mind -- [that] he did pick the Top 24. Out of hundreds of thousands of people, he picked us to be the Top 24 singers in America. So I think he was being a little hypocritical, but he's Simon and everyone loves him, and I love him for who he is.

    • Colton (on if he felt pressure on "American Idol" because he was so young): I didn't feel pressure, it didn't feel like a competition, I just went out there and had a whole lot of fun.

    • Colton (on if he thought the lack of airtime hurt him on "American Idol"): People just voted for their favorites and they weren't really familiar with me. They hadn't seen much of me before. I don't think it was that people wanted me off the show. I think it was just the fact that not many people knew what they were gonna get out of me, and I just ended up at the bottom.

    • Colton: I think that it has gotten to the point where I have done so many embarrassing things that I can't say what's the most embarrassing and or how many times I've done embarrassing things, just all the time, whenever I'm on stage, so I can't really say what's the most embarrassing thing.

    • Colton: When I was in France, I ate a hamburger made out of goat and I didn't know it was goat until after I ate it and I was like, "That was a hamburger made of goat."

    • Colton: The most interesting job I had was being a store model. I just walked around the store and I was wearing the clothes and I said, "Hey, what's up?" and that was about it.

    • Colton: My family has always been there, they've always given me support and helped me through everything that I've encountered with trying to pursue my dream and do what I do and they're just there for me all the time.

    • Colton: People would be surprised that I have a cow field in my backyard.

    • Colton: I would say I'm not like any American Idol contestant; I'm unique and different and that's what makes all the seasons crazy is that we're all so different.

    • Colton: I wouldn't even say I have a favorite performer; I just love people who perform. I love to watch people perform no matter whether they're good or bad or who they are or specific, I just love performance.

    • Colton: I wanna be the next American Idol because it's my passion, it's what I've been doing since I was little and it's the only thing that makes me happy; singing and performing you know, what better way to share your passion with the world than to be the American Idol?

    • Colton: If I don't become the next American Idol, I'm gonna keep pushing, I'm gonna go to college, education's always first and keep singing, keep doing theater, keep being involved in the arts.

    • Colton: I'm really, really involved in theatre and acting, directing, designing, that kind of thing, it's my other passion. I would say that's pretty much all the talent I have.

    • Colton: I started singing when I was five I wanna say. Five or six, I was in church and I just stood up and started singing in front of people.

    • Colton: Finding out I was in the top 24 was surreal, ridiculous. I didn't even realize what was going on when it happened. I was the last person to make it into the top 24. I was sitting in the room with Kyle, it was really, really difficult to be there with another person and to have to see them go, especially after you get so close to everyone. It was just I didn't realize what was happening and it still hasn't really hit me.

    • Colton (on his influences in music): I've been surrounded by music since I was young... anything and everything and everyone has influenced me musically.