3/13/1972, Chicago,Illinois

Birth Name

Lonnie Rashied Lynn



Also Known As

Common, Common Sense
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Common was born Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. on March 13, 1972 in Chicago, Illinois. He is son of former ABA basketball player Lonnie Lynn. Known to be a underground rapper, his lyrics focus on love and spirituality. He is a big supporter of PETA and has recently appeared…more


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    • Common: Cats would come up to me and say, 'Man, you ain't getting the love that you deserve.' I'd say, 'Don't sweat it, man, it's gonna come. The fact that you even know about me means it's already happening'

    • Common: When cats say, 'Man, you're getting too old to play hip-hop,' I'm like, 'No, not really, because hip-hop is just learning what it is as a genre.' When you think of artists like Prince or Paul McCartney or Stevie Wonder, they're still making music. I think of myself like a jazz musician: I went and saw Roy Haynes, and he's 80 years old and still playing drums. I could be 79 and still free-styling

    • Common: (On the song The People)Kanye and I started this album(Finding Forever) when he was on tour, and we were in Melbourne when he found a record that had that 'People' sample. He spent a long time that day chopping it up, and when he finally got it the way he wanted it, it was a piece of music that just made me feel like, 'Thank you, God, this is such a blessing!' It felt like a Common song, and once he made that beat, it just enabled me to get this off my chest and say, 'This is what I'm about: I'm the voice of the people

    • Common: Man, I would love to get another Grammy. It's always good to be honored. We don't make music or movies to get the awards, but any honor feels good when people give you awards, and when the critics say the material's good. But I guess the true test of an artist is that when they don't say it's good, you gotta keep going, and continue to do what you believe.

    • Common: (On how he came up with Soji for his hats) [Soji] is my next door neighbor's name and I love that name.

    • Common: I love hats man, I been wearing them for so long and people always ask me where I get my hats from. So, why not just design something.

    • Common: (On when he got into hip-hop) It was around 1983. I was in grade school. I was listening to Run-DMC and LL Cool J, and Afrika and Bambaataa and this group called UTFO. I just identified with it.

    • Common: (On hip-hop)It's constantly rebirthing. It's very diverse. That's why you have people from the West Coast expressing themselves different from people from the South; you got people from the Midwest saying who they are; you've got white rappers, Latino rappers, black rappers, you got Asian rappers. You can go to Japan and see that they dress the way we dress. You can go to parts of Africa and you can see the influence of hip-hop. Which is really giving the cycle back, because it all comes from the African rhythms. It was built on being able to be free.

    • Common: I definitely have worked to get better. I just want to make some good music and say something and be heard and be something significant in this world through the messages that I deliver and through the art that I give to people. I definitely try to grow with it and develop my style.

    • Common: Your body is you. That's your temple. So, eating wisely helps you function for the day. If you want to look good and feel good, you gotta eat good. What you put into your temple, man, is very important. I learned that later on in life, but I started putting that into practice. I'm not perfect in my eating. I just try to live healthily, and to take care of myself so that during this lifetime I can live good.

    • Common: I got a connection with the UK cos you got of great artists coming from there. From the days of Omar and Soul II Soul to now what's going on with Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen. There's some great stuff coming from there.

    • Common: I didn't grow up with my father, I grew up with my mother. My father wasn't always there physically but he was spiritually. He left me his words. I still can listen. You got to show that respect.

    • Common: (On how he writes his rhymes)I get the music going first and that's how I roll. I like to let the music take me to wherever I can go vocally.

    • Common: (On working with Nas, Jadakiss, and Styles P, on the Why remix)It was like an honour to be on there with them. All them cold emcees... they cold man. I love them, and Nas been one of my favourite artists since he began. It was just fun. That remix felt like something I would hear like the "Scenario" remix. One of them songs that make you feel good, like that's Hip Hop right there.

    • Common: It's time we start to focus on what's going on in our lives and try to pay a little more attention to what is around us.

    • Common: That was the description of where we were going with the music. 'Electric Circus' to me, symbolizes freedom in the music, the colors in it, and also the intensity in it. Also, it symbolizes how we can take the music all over to many different places but it still has a continuity - about naming his album.

    • Common: I get the music going first and that's how I roll. I like to let the music take me to wherever I can go vocally.

    • Common Being raised by his mother: I didn't grow up with my father, I grew up with my mother. My father wasn't always there physically but he was spiritually. He left me his words. I still can listen. You got to show that respect.

    • Common: Don't be afraid to explore and do different things. Be true to yourself and work hard. Have faith in yourself and God.

    • Common: Now, I don't know a lot about world politics but when it comes to my mind, I can let out a prayer or two to people. It taught me and other people that we are not too far from anything. It taught us that anything can happen. God is showing us that. Come on, man. It's symbolic.

    • Common: I think that everything happens for a reason.

    • Common: Be yourself. Get in-tuned with yourself enough to be yourself and focus on who you are. Don't be afraid to go out and be who you are.

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  • That is right, he is one of illest cats around!

    This is what true music should sound like, crazy beats, mad lyrics and PURE 100% rawness. I love this Common so much, hes ill in all departments of making music, he could come up with some true lyrics that just make you go damn that cat still has it! His songs are crazy! The lyrics are pure with real ness and have true meaning depite all of the bad rap artists out there, he keeps it real and that is how all rap artists hsould be but oh well. His music is inspiring, this is the type of music that you could just turn off all of the lights from your area of livin, sit on the couch or bed and and just kick back and relax, and just let the words flow through your blood stream. Common is plain straight up CRAZY!!moreless