Conan O'Brien





4/18/1963 , Brookline, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name

Conan Christopher O'Brien




Full name: Conan Christopher O'Brien

Date and place of birth: April 18,1963, Brookline,MA.

Sign: Aires with an Aquarius moon

Siblings: 6-
Neal (Older brother-born 1960): Car collector
Luke (Older brother-born 1962): Lawyer
Kate (Younger sister-born 1964): Teacher
Jane (Younger sister-born 1967): Comedy writer for Sybill, Simpsons, Futurama
Justin (Younger brother-born 1972): Consultant

Hair: Strawberry-blonde

Height: 6'4"

Weight: about 190 lbs.

Where does he live?: Somewhere on the Upper West Side of New York. He also has a house in Connecticut.

What's he drive? a green '91 Ford Taurus SHO...(he has a Land Rover too)

What else can he do? He plays guitar (very well). When he was younger he took tap lessons...maybe that explains his exquisite dancing skills...

Education:Brookline High School 1977-1981; Valedictorian.
Harvard 1981-1985; Graduated Magna Cum Laude. Wrote for the Harvard Lampoon all four years there, and was elected president two terms in a row from 1983-1984, something not accomplished since Robert Benchley in the 1920's..

Significant other: Liza Powel.