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  • Your so funny,

    I would love to see the old hot l Baltimore series form the 70's. I loved that show,, had to sneak to watch it, I was in high school. You continue to make us laugh and just wanted to say you've always made me proud to a West Virginia girl. God Bless Ya for the JOY you've always brought to your fans.


    Patricia Huffman

  • You Da Woman

    Conchata, I sure hope you read this. I love you soooooooooooooooooooo much. YOU are the woman. I didn`t know who you were untill I saw you on 2 1/2
    men. You are so good. You`re not really my type, but I love you sooooooo much I`d still do ya. You hit my funny bone in places it didn`t even know existed. 2 1/2 won`t be the same without Charlie, (bad deal) but I will still watch if you are going to be there. I could do without Jon or Angus, but if you left, I would too. YOU make the show. Still wish Charlie was still there too.
  • empty

    I grew up watching this lady mostly on TV shows. I am rating her after watching Mystic Pizza. She does fine acting, but her characters are always the same. For all I know she is just memorizing lines and playing herself. Her characters tend to be positive, self-assured, more happy than not, not fake, open, outspoken, grounded family figure.
  • She rocks!!!

    Everytime she opens her mouth, she cracks me up!
    She's one of those actresses that seems to have always been around. You would remember seeing her but wouldn't know where. Finally she achieved her well-deserved stardom, in the supporting role of the housekeeper Berta in the situation-comedy "Two and a Half Men'. Always blunt, always funny or rather hilarious, Conchata is the one woman on two and a half men everybody loves!!! Hard to believe she's 67 years old. Although she somehow reminds of Carroll O'Connor's unforgettable role of Archie Bunker a big old sour puss with a heart of gold!!
  • i love her :) she is my cousin. on my moms side. on 2 and 1/2 men, the way she acts, is the way she really is in real life lmfao :) love her to death...:)

    i love her :) she is my cousin. on my moms side. on 2 and 1/2 men, the way she acts, is the way she really is in real life lmfao :)
    love her to death...:)
    she needs to play in other shows though, id love to see her in soaps or something :)
    it would be really exciting to see my own cousin in shows that everyone around the world watches.
    but i love her and two and a 1/2 men.
    its really awsome that she lives in hollywood now :(
    but it sucks because i hardly get to see her unless its like christmas or something she is here for occasions only :)
  • I just wanted to say that I love Conchatta Ferrell in every thing she has played.

    I am from Loudendale where she is from and I have probably seen every thing she has been in and I think that she is great. I watch her now on Two and a half men and she is still funny as heck.There are several of us that love to watch her. I especially love her in movies because they last longer. I was just wondering why she has never came back to visit. I think every one in the community would be thrilled and we would love to see her.Just tell her we love her and please come see us sometime don't froget us.

    Love ya girl friend

    Donna Paulette Pickens Thompson
    I am John and Mildred Pickens youngest daughter but I'm not that young anymore