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  • Conchita Elizabeth Campbell on "The 4400"

    Conchita Elizabeth Campbell who plays Maia Rutledge/Skouris on my all time favorite TV show "The 4400", is the reason why I watch this show. I would have given her a perfect score but because she is so young I feel there is definitely some room for improvement. However for her to be so young an with so little acting experience, I feel she is well on her way to becoming a future star. On the show, she plays a young girl who can predict the future. She was a little creepy for the first few episodes but later on we start to see her for the average kid that she is. I love Maia's character. I think she definitely made the show.

    All I've seen her on is the 4400, but she plays Maia well!!!
    I wish I could meet her because she is a GOOD ACTOR!! I WATCH THE 4400 mostly because she's in it, but also cause that's a good show!!!To see her, watch USA!!! ON certain days AND You'll See the how and see what I MEAN!!!
  • Ah, Conchita, Conchita. What can I say about her?

    Her performance of Maia on the 4400 is brilliant. No, more than brilliant. It is spectacular, genius, gifted, and whatever more there is to say. Conchita has talent. Whenever she needs to do an extreme mood, she can hit it with a beautiful performance. No wonder Maia is my favorite on the 4400.
  • Wow, I love her character. She is creepy but not in the scary way,in the cool way.

    Wow, I love her character. She is creepy but not in the scary way,in the cool way. But when she was in that cardigan with her hair all perfect, she looked like a psychotic doll, that was really weird. But I love the show in general. The 4400 is awesome!
  • The perfect pick for the role of Maia. This kid is just so wonderful for this part. I hope they never get rid of her character.

    I really like this kid. She is so talented. I like her acting. In comparison to some other child actors who I dont want to sound mean but are obviously put there because of there cute looks. I love her look its fresh and real and not babyish. She's just adorable and I hope to see her do more things along the way and not become a statistic like so many other child stars.
  • I love her in the show the 4400 she is the reason i watch the show..

    She is an amazing actress i watch the show she is always around and she always tells the future.. for everything.. The 4400 is one of my favorite shows i watch it every week i love and i am hooked. Its on Sunday and i can't wait having the dish to watch it rocks.