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    First know that I encourage submissions to all my guides. That said I also like my guides to stay relevant and interesting to the reader. I have spent time cleaning up all my guides and contributing interesting info and do not wish them to become cluttered with information just for the sake of information.

    I addition to standards I have a couple loose rules that I like to follow in my guides. These are not rigid guidelines, but should help cut down on rejections.

    Quotes: Please only submit quotes that are Connie's words, not her characters and please only submit quotes that are about her, not about her character.

    Trivia: I will not accept subs regarding physical attributes (hair color, eye color, height, etc.) unless they are relevant to their career or something outside of the norm. For example if an actor is say 7' tall or has six fingers on one hand, one blue eye and one green eye... That would be accepted.

    Please try and fill in as much info as possible on your sub... The fact that a person likes to read is not as interesting as the fact that someone likes to read historical biographies.

    Rejections: If I reject one of your subs, please don't be discouraged... I will tell you the reason in my notes and, if possible, give a suggestion for how to fix it for future subs.

    If you have any questions please PM and ask, I'll usually get back to you within two days.
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