Connie Hines





3/24/1931 , Dedham, Massachusetts



Birth Name




Connie Hines was born in Massachusetts in 1931. She was a model in Jacksonville, Florida before she did TV. Connie got married in 1953; it eventually ended in a divorce.

She was a versatile actress with over a dozen TV guest appearances. Connie gave an endearing performance in "The Untouchables" playing Anne Francis' younger sister.

Connie will forever be remembered for her 5 year stint playing Carol Post in the wildly-popular TV series "Mister Ed" from 1961-1966. The premise of this lovable, silly, c TV show was that Mister Ed was a talking horse. However, Mister Ed only talked to Wilbur Post, and he won't talk to anyone else-- so Carol (Wilbur's wife) and most of the folk in the show think Wilbur is a bit touched.

(theme song) "A horse is a horse, of course, of course,

And no one can talk to a horse, of course,

That is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Mister Ed."

It seems Connie had a real love of animals; along with her producer husband, Connie hosted a cable television show about animal rescue. Connie retired from acting in 1970.