Connie Willis





12/31/1945 , Colorado, U.S.A.

Birth Name

Constance Elaine Trimmer Willis




Born on New Year's Eve of 1945 in Denver, Colorado, Connie Willis began writing and had her first short fiction published in 1971. Her writing was very quickly recognized for its excellence, and she received her first nomination for a Hugo Award in 1980 for her short story Daisy, In The Sun. Three years later, she won the Nebula award for her short story A Letter From The Clearys, in 1983. After receiving numerous other nominations for her short stories and novelettes, her novel Doomsday Book won both the Nebula and Hugo award in 1993. She continues to write, often focusing on themes of time travel, and more recently, near-death experiences. She is married, and lives in Greeley, Colorado, with her husband, a physics professor with whom she has a daughter, Cordelia.