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    • Connor (Talks about his experience in acting in a massive, large-production film as Alexander): It's a rush that you can't explain. It's the ultimate high which includes pressure but it's nothing compared to the pay-off you get in the end.

    • Connor Paolo (Talks about funny things that happened on the set of One Life To Live): The guys like to kid around and the people who have been on the show can get away with it. I did one scene with Bob Woods and we're getting ready to tape and he says we're going to do the scene again. So he steps out and says for no reason, 'I have Hercules Unchained on DVD.' It just cracked me up.

    • Connor (Talks about how he gets all his schoolwork done and still do a show): I go to a Performing Arts school so they're really supportive of what I do. A lot of kids are in the same field as me so they're used to that. They make it as easy as they possibly can. As long as I keep my grades up they have no problem with me working.

    • Connor: (Talks about the audition for One Life To Live) I did three auditions for Travis. Two were with ten other boys, after that it was narrowed down to six boys. We then read with Kristen, then it was narrowed to three boys. And during the entire process she was giving me the eye. (Wink Wink.) I like to audition with cast members because that's smart to do when you have two people who are going to have a relationship on screen.

    • Connor: (Talks about the hardest thing about working on a soap) It's basically a crash- test. There's not much rehearsal.