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  • He's great as Mac in "Alice, I Think"!

    I've only ever seen Connor Price in the CTV show "Alice, I Think" where he plays Mac, Alice's younger brother, and this review is based on his role there.

    Connor is only 12 years old, yet he's a talented actor. His role in "Alice, I Think" is medium-sized; he's in many scenes, but not all of them. He does very well in the scenes he's in, and manages to convey all the emotions of the only mentally stable member of a wacky family. He doesn't over-play the role either, he just comes across as an above-average intelligence, normal kid who's burdened with hippy parents and a slightly crazy sister, a family that he cares about but often has to look after.

    I know he's been in some big-budget Hollywood movies, and with the acting that I've seen him do, I'm sure he'll be in more. I just hope he doesn't suffer the fate of so many child-actors, and disappear into drugs and alcohol as he gets older.