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  • A naturally talented actor who can portray any role brilliantly. He'll have a long successful career.

    Connor Trinneer is the greatest actor I've seen, he can portray heroes and villains with what looks like a remarkable ease.
    I believe that he deserves to be the protaganist of his own show, and without a doubt he is a true inspiration. He has inspired me personally, and I'll bet countless others too.
    Personally my favourite role of his is Commander Charles Tucker III on Star Trek: Enterprise, it really shows how talented he is and the diversity of emotions he can carry off.
    My personal favourite actor of all time, and I believe we need to see more of him.
  • Connor is so natural in character, I was surprised the first time I met him at how different he is from the roles he has played.

    Connor Trinneer tends to get a lot of attention in the sci-fi boards for being a hunk. But there are a lot of straight guys out there who count themselves among his fans. Watching Connor perform is a real treat. He's as natural in a funny scene as he is in a dramatic one and he has one of the most expressive faces I have ever seen.

    His characterizations as Trip Tucker in Star Trek: Enterprise, and as Michael the Wraith in Stargate Atlantis have earned him widespread respect among fans and producers throughout the sci-fi community.

    But that's all he can do. He has also portayed a gay man who is compromised in the Navy in "Far East"; a fugitive in "Numb3rs"; a public defender facing a difficult choice while representing a murderous racist in "Close to Home"; and a drug dealer/kidnapper in "NCIS." And he's going to be appearing in "Criminal Minds" and "24" this season.

    Star Trek writer/producer Brannon Braga said of him: "Connor's an incredible actor. He's one of those actors that comes to the set and nails it. And not only nails it, surprises you. And makes you want to write for him."

    Nothing I can add there!
  • The perfect TV sidekick.

    Connor Trinnear portrays Charles Trip Tucker III really well. It makes the screen a little heart warming with Trip's wise cracks and uncanny humor. Connor emphasize that tender hearted engineer with absolute honesty. Trip provides the light aboard the Enterprise. Star Trek shows aren't complete without a few laughs thrown in the mix, Connor's role provides some of the laughs. It felt really bad that the character had to die at the end of the series, it was a really good character. Everytime he works the warp drive on the Enterprise, Connor shows the seriousness of the character when he is doing his job as an engineer. Connor surely made Trip one good Trek character.
  • Connor Trinneer is one of the best actors in the business today. He is often underrated and overlooked. Hopefully, he will be able to take his great acting talents to higher levels than even he himself ever anticipated.

    In reveiewing Connor's work, I would say that he could become one of the greatest actors of all time. He has shown many levels of emotion throughout his different roles. In watching him on Star Trek Enterprise, he showed that he could easily reach depths of emotion that many actors have to really work at obtaining. Or maybe it's just that he makes it look easy for him. At any rate, he is someone that deserves to star in a series of his own and not one of the idiotic comedies that seem so prevelant. Give him his own show that would allow him to display his great acting talents. It would be great to see him paired with Dominic Keating in something. They work very well together.
  • You will not meet a handsomer, politer or greater man than Mr Connor Trinneer.

    I met him in person last month at a convention and I can tell you I am now more impressed of this man than ever before. He was just fantastic and seemed to have a really good time himself.
    Not only is he a fantastic actor - known for his many facial expressions and dedication... and breaking of props..., he is generally a great person.
    I know him from Star Trek: Enterprise, but remember having seen him in an episode of Sliders. I can't wait to see him as 'Michael Kenmore' on Stargate Atlantis, or as a bad guy on NCIS. And of course on many many other shows or movies!
  • The best of the best!

    The character of Trip is a very versatile character and in no doubt probably was a hard one to cast. They needed an actor with not only the ability to play a role with a sense of humor, but also a person who could be serious when the time came.
    Trip is by far my favorite character on Enterprise. I've watched him go from being stuck in a pod and drunk with LT. Reed, to helping a man on a moon that he couldn't understand.
    It takes an amazing actor to pull off a role like this and I don't think it could have been casted any better! Also, the accent and looks help with his appeal to the female fans! :)
    Thanks for an amazing show and I am definitely going to miss Commander Tucker. Hope to see him in something soon!
  • Connor is talented, and also totally adorable! Loved him as Commander Tucker on Enterprise. We'll miss you Connor! Hope to see you in a new role soon!

    Connor Trinneer was one of my favorites in the cast of Enterprise. He was fabulous as Commander Tucker. I totally adored the scenes with him and T'pol, his Vulcan love interest. Will really miss Connor, and hope he gets a new role soon. He's a great actor, and I think he'd be really good in a romantic comedy, since he's so cute and cuddly. I was bummed in the Enterprise finale when they killed him off (even though it was technically in the future)... I had really hoped that he and T'pol would finally end up together. They would have been great together!