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    • Connor: (On his character "Trip" being killed off in the series finale of Star Trek: Enterprise) If you're going to go out, go with a bang.

    • Connor: (on always been associated with the "Star Trek" phenomenon) I think it's great to be a part of any kind of history that's as long as that one is and as positive as that one has been. It's a little of a daunting thought to think of yourself as part of the lineage of a show like this, so it's a big idea for me to get my mind around. I try to do my job, day in and day out, and let the chips fall where they may.

    • Connor: (on how much he enjoys his job) My favourite thing in the world is getting up in the morning and going to the set. I really enjoy the process of acting. Whether you're performing onstage or in front of a camera, all actors want to practise their craft. Almost every day I'm given the chance to do just that. I'm one heck of a lucky guy.

    • Connor Trinneer: (on whether or not he had experienced a similar tragedy as his character on Enterprise) Have I lost a close relative? No, but you do draw from things that have either happened or things you can imagine happening. I played off that by imagining that happening to my sister, that's the emotional power behind those scenes, imagining it happening to my sister. I would have gone at it the same way, I was trying to tell it as truthfully as I could. Fortunately I have not had great tragedy, but we can all imagine.

    • Connor Trinneer: (on the website dedicated to him) ... its got little to do with me as a person and more to do with me as an actor, in a character, and you know every now and then I'll touch in and see what they've had to say ...

    • Connor Trinneer: (Connor speaking of his co-stars in Star Trek: Enterprise) Scott Bakula is just a great guy. He knows how it all works. He's somebody I've already learned a great deal from and I will continue to do that.

    • Connor Trinneer: (Speaking about losing the audience of Star Trek: Enterprise) I don't know exactly when they tuned out, but they did, obviously, somewhere along season one or two. We had a great season last year with the Xindi storyline and we still weren't able to get them back.

    • Connor Trinneer: (Speaking of his character on Star Trek: Enterprise) What I like most about that they give him enough rope to hang himself. He's allowed to be who he is; he's a bit emotional. He swings first and asks questions later, which I like. I also like the fact that his sense of humour has come through during the third season.

    • Connor Trinneer: (when asked if playing football at college level helped prepare him for the rigours of a TV show) There's definitely a correlation. There is a certain amount of performance in sports.

    • Connor Trinneer: (on when he first decided that he wanted to act) I went in for my first day of auditions and, literally the moment I walked out of there, the moment I had some time to reflect, I knew I had an understanding of it. I walked out of there and quit football the next day and became an actor.

    • Connor Trinneer: (when asked how mechanically inclined he was in real life) On a four-stroke engine, I'm fine, but on a nuclear power plant situation, I wouldn't be so good!