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  • Nicely nuanced portrayal.

    With a name like his it was somehow inevitable that Conrad Coleby would end up in a TV soap. But I for one am glad that this actor has bowed to his fate so graciously because his nuanced performance is a real asset to Home and Away.

    Why though does he keep getting involved with totally unreasonable women? He seems drawn to them like a moth to a flame.

    In fact, the show really needs to look at its portrayal of women. I'm sure not all the females in Australia are that catty and demanding.

    As my sister says, 'The best thing they can do with the current crop of Leah, Belle, Martha, Charlie and Ruby is have them move into a house together and then engineer a tidal wave to sweep them all out to sea.'

    We'll keep Rachel, Irene, Coleen and Annie.