Constance Towers

Constance Towers


5/20/1933, Whitefish, Montana

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Constance Mary Towers


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Constance was born in Whitefish, Montana, and had dreams as a child of being an operatic star. These aspirations led her to actually turn down a contract from Paramount Pictures at age eleven. "Here I was, this scrawny little girl who sang...and the Paramount executives made an offer.…more


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    • Constance: (on how she defines her style) I'd think I'm very understated. I do like elegant fabrics. I'm not good in anything that "wears me"! I need something that's too overpowering.

    • Constance: Daytime TV is definitely the most work. You have five weeks to rehearse for a Broadway show and then you say the same lines always.... a movie production is thrilled to film 1/2 page a day. A soap has no rehearsal time and shoots 60 pages a day. Don't get me wrong though. I love the challenge of a soap!

    • Constance: (on Susan Flannery) Susan is my idol. She's such a superb actress; she deserves her Emmys and many more. I'd be honoured to work with her. Susan's been nothing but nice to me and I love the Belles as well.

  • Most recently known for her role as villainess Helena Cassadine on "General Hospital," Constance Towers is an often overlooked actress who delivers with every performance. She's a truly classy lady with talent to spare.moreless

    Constance Towers is one of the most talented stars in Hollywood today, but also one of the most underrated. Her body of work includes Broadway musical theatre, film, television, live concert performances, and, as wife of a former U.S. Ambassador, diplomatic hostessing. She has excellent range as an actress, playing a variety of roles over the course of her career, from a prostitute to a schoolteacher, from a loving mother and romantic heroine to a spiteful and deadly villainess. Blessed with extraordinary, timeless beauty, Ms. Towers is still as lovely today as she was when she first came onto the Hollywood scene. And behind that dazzling exterior is one of the warmest, classiest, most genuine ladies to walk the face of the earth. It's about time Hollywood took more notice of Ms. Towers and offered her a plum movie role or a regular or recurring role on a television series.moreless
  • One of the all time greats, Constance Towers is a wonderful actor, singer and stage presence.

    Constance is from the "Golden Age" of Hollywood and has that glamour aura all around her. Whether she's singing or acting, you can see the talent just come out of every pore! Best known as playing the villianess Helena on "General Hospital", Connie does a wonderful job at this role. She's both elegant and ruthless, a delicious combination. It was first for her because most roles she's played were the "good girls". Connie also sings on stage and appeared with Yul Brenner in "The King and I". Her classic films such as "The Naked Kiss" and "Shock Corridor" remain faves of the cult set. Connie is also a warm and lovely person, and will go out of her way to greet her fans.moreless