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    • Constance: (on how she defines her style) I'd think I'm very understated. I do like elegant fabrics. I'm not good in anything that "wears me"! I need something that's too overpowering.

    • Constance: Daytime TV is definitely the most work. You have five weeks to rehearse for a Broadway show and then you say the same lines always.... a movie production is thrilled to film 1/2 page a day. A soap has no rehearsal time and shoots 60 pages a day. Don't get me wrong though. I love the challenge of a soap!

    • Constance: (on Susan Flannery) Susan is my idol. She's such a superb actress; she deserves her Emmys and many more. I'd be honoured to work with her. Susan's been nothing but nice to me and I love the Belles as well.