Coolio Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Coolio is known for his crazy hairstyle with spidery braids that stick out all o ver his head. Weird Al copied his hairstyle for his record cover on Bad Hair Day.

    • Coolio was nominated in 1996 for an MTV Movie Award for 'Best Movie Song' for "Gangsta's Paradise" from the hit movie Dangerous Minds. He won an ASCAP Film & Festival Award for "Gangsta's Paradise" as well.

    • Coolio was not aware that his then producers, Tommy Boy Records, had authorized Weird Al Yankovich to record a parody of his hit single "Gangsta's Paradise". So, when "Amish Paradise" was released, he was angry, the parody and accompanying album Bad Hair Day became Weird Al's best selling record.

    • Coolio appeared in a sub-plot in the comic book hero movie Daredevil. However, his parts were cut from the big screen version, but can still be seen on the DVD, and trailers for the movie.

    • Coolio and seven members of his entourage were arrested for allegedly shoplifting from a German clothing store and assaulting the owner. After that incident, German Police threatened to charge him with inciting criminal behavior, after he suggested at his concert to steal his new album, if listeners couldn't afford to buy it.

    • Coolio has appeared on tracks with: Method Man, LL Cool J, B-Real, 2Pac, and Busta Rhymes.

    • Coolio sang a duet with country legend Kenny Rogers in 1998. The duo teamed up to record an updated version of "The Gambler". The track wasn't released on an album until 2002, on El Cool Magnifico.

    • Coolio left Tommy Boy Records in 1997, and set up his own record label called Crowbar Records.

    • Coolio's producers at Tommy Boy records felt that the track "Gangsta's Paradise" wouldn't sell, so they placed it on the Dangerous Minds soundtrack. The song was a Grammy-winning #1 hit in the United States and was the 1st rap song to sell over a million copies in the United Kingdom.

    • Coolio cleaned up his life, and released his debut album in 1994. The main track was "Fantastic Voyage", which was sampled from the Lakeside hit of the same name. The song became a massive hit worldwide.

    • Coolio released his debut single "Whatcha Gonna Do" in 1991, but an addiction to crack cocaine halted his success.

    • Coolio wrote and sang the award winning song "Gangsta's Paradise" for the hit movie Dangerous Minds in 1995.

    • Coolio appeared in a television commercial for Verizon Wireless phone services and for "The Best Rap Album in The World...Ever!" in 2003.

    • Coolio appeared in a video re-mix for 1980's rock legend Blondie's: "Rapture", "Maria", and "No Exit".

    • Coolio's rap name started out as a joke amongst friends, when they compared him to Julio Iglesias. The friends mixed the two names, and merged his rap name, coolio.

    • Coolio is a former firefighter in Southern California's San Bernadino mountains.

    • Coolio was arrested in 1998 on suspicion of possessing marijuana and carrying a concealed weapon in Lawndale, California.

    • Coolio learned to read at the age of twelve at the Pelton Power Program for Kids. This is a program founded by Texas jazz musician Aaron Pelton.

  • Quotes

    • Coolio: Movies are a trip to make, right. I can't believe that it is ME up on that screen, but it is! I hope to make a few more, but music is more my game, I will stay true to that.

    • Coolio: I like to keep my music playful, stuff that you can play up in the party to keep people happy and dancing. I like harder music, but it just isn't my style to put it out there, I'll leave that up to someone else.