Coral Smith

Coral Smith


1/19/1979, San Francisco, California, USA

Birth Name

Coral Jeanne Smith



Also Known As

Coral Jeanne Smith, Coral Jean Smith
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Notes: -Coral has made it to the end of 5 but she participated in 6 challenges and only won one. -Coral has a romantic relationship with Abram Boise -Coral is close friends with Mike Mizanin and Veronica Portillo -Coral is roomates with Melissa Howard from The Real World…more


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  • Coral is so awesome.

    I use to think Coral was so mean but when I watched fresh meat I saw that she's really not that mean I think she would actually be a cool person to like go shopping or something like that with. Coral is real and I think thats why people see her as being mean or whatever but I guess if you look at some of the other people that arent being real compared to them she does seem that mean but I dont think she is she just has very strong beliefs. I hope that people can come to relize how cool Coral is through the next challenges that she's in.moreless
  • I love coral I think she's the coolest girl on the real world

    I really love coral she\'s a cool person but she doesn\'t hang out with blacks though she\'s always around white people.And all she dates is white people,lol I\'ve never seen her flirt with or date any black guys..that\'s the only thing I don\'t like about her.But she is one heck of a competitor though.