Corbin Bleu

Corbin Bleu


2/21/1989, Brooklyn, NY

Birth Name

Corbin Bleu Reivers



Also Known As

Nathan, Chad Danforth
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Corbin Bleu Reivers was born on February 21, 1989 in Brooklyn, New York. Starting at the age of two, Corbin Bleu followed his father's footsteps and began appearing in television commercials like Life cereal, Bounty, Hasbro, and Nabisco. He is best known for playing the role of Chad…more


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    • Corbin: (about fan letter) Once in a while you start having second thoughts [about acting], then you read a letter from someone that lifts your spirits so much - it really makes a huge difference. I love reading them.

    • Corbin: I love competition and really going for it and doing my best, but losing isn't really upsetting to me. I feel like if I do lose, the other person really deserved it.

    • Corbin: I can move both of my eyes separately in different directions.

    • Corbin: Everybody at school knew who I was because I'm just a really friendly person.

    • Corbin: (Talking about his most embarrassing moment ever) I was at a steak restaurant and these girls came up to talk to me. I had barbecue sauce all over my hands, so I told them, I'll be right back. I just want to wash my hands. I went to the restroom sink and got water all over me. It looked like I peed my pants.

    • Corbin: My favorite show is America's Funniest Home Videos. People will get hit on the head and I feel bad cause I'm laughing my head off!

    • Corbin: I can do a really high-pitched cartoon voice. Everybody always say they like that.

    • Corbin: Kids look up to me, and it's really incredible to be in that position.

    • Corbin: Trust that you're ok with yourself!

    • Corbin: When it comes to looks, I don't have a type. I just want them to be pretty in my eyes.

    • Corbin: You've got to be fine with who you are.

    • Corbin: Everyone is different, but I'm not standoffish at all. I'm not one of those people who prefer to write a note. I'll walk right up to you and ask you out! Even if the answer's no, I'm totally cool with it.

    • Corbin: I was the lead in two musicals, and I took dance classes.

    • Corbin: I like outgoing girls with a lovely smile and beautiful eyes.

    • Corbin: I'm a very outgoing person. I'm always happy, I'm one of those people who are always smiling. If somebody described me to somebody else, they'd say the kid with the curly hair with the big smile on his face. I get along with everybody.

    • Corbin: I am a very open, social, friendly person, and when it comes to people approaching me and asking for an autograph, I am totally cool with doing any of that. It's a lot of fun.

    • Question: When you went on auditions as a little kid, how did you know not to take it personally if you didn't get the role?
      Corbin Bleu: That was something that my parents explained to me when I was young. Also since I started when I was 2, I had become so used to it by [the time I was] 6 or 7. One of the best parts about having started so early was knowing what would happen in an audition, and that if I did not get it, it would not be a big deal

    • Asked what made you want to be a part of High School Musical?
      Corbin Bleu: I have a background in musical theatre so to get the opportunity to be in a musical movie was very exciting.

    • When asked what is your latest obsession, are you into any particular book, music group, sport or activity?
      Corbin: While on the set of "Flight 29 Down," the whole cast became obsessed with playing Boggle. We would play it between scenes and even during lunch. Now whenever we're together we have to play. Sometimes we have two separate games going on at the same time.

    • (When asked what would you like to say to your fans and supporters)
      Corbin: Thank you so much for all of your love and support. I appreciate you more than words can express. I hope you enjoy all my new projects, and I wish you all peace.

    • when asked if he was planning to record an album in the future
      Corbin: I'm actually working on that right now! It's a got a little bit of an R&B and pop feel. I'm really into lyrical, soulful, R&B-type music.

    • Corbin: I mean, to see somebody else when they put so much work into whatever they do... that inspires me. My dad, he does that very much so. An actor that I really look up to is Johnny Depp. The amount of work that he puts into his stuff, he is such an amazing actor I think!

  • Corbin Bleu Reivers is so talented! :D

    Corbin is so awesomely talented. I mean a very cute guy with the ability to act, sing, dance, and produce...what more can you ask for? He's done great ever since Galaxy Quest to ER and to further more movies and shows including Catch That Kid, Flight 29 Down...there's a lot that he has accomplished. His CD Another Side is incredible and I can't wait to hear his new one Speed Of Light. His own music shows well basically another side of him which I think is great. In my opinion, he's the greatest role model and is headed to do more awesome things in the future.

    You rock Corbin Bleu! ^_^moreless
  • What an amazingly talented young man!

    This young man astounds me! He has buckets of talent and yet mediocre performers like The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron ect get all the attention and this poor guy who works himself to the bone gets the rough end of the stick. I never see pictures of him on a vacation, I never here about him breaking the law and I never really here bad things about him in general except from a jealous hater or such. He is very talented both in front of the camera and behind the microphone. He has such a beautiful voice and he's also a wonderful songwriter; and his acting is also top notch. I'm counting down the days until his new feature film and sophomore album are released. God bless you Corbin Bleu, both now and in the future.moreless