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  • Corbin Bleu Reivers is so talented! :D

    Corbin is so awesomely talented. I mean a very cute guy with the ability to act, sing, dance, and produce...what more can you ask for? He's done great ever since Galaxy Quest to ER and to further more movies and shows including Catch That Kid, Flight 29 Down...there's a lot that he has accomplished. His CD Another Side is incredible and I can't wait to hear his new one Speed Of Light. His own music shows well basically another side of him which I think is great. In my opinion, he's the greatest role model and is headed to do more awesome things in the future.
    You rock Corbin Bleu! ^_^
  • What an amazingly talented young man!

    This young man astounds me! He has buckets of talent and yet mediocre performers like The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron ect get all the attention and this poor guy who works himself to the bone gets the rough end of the stick. I never see pictures of him on a vacation, I never here about him breaking the law and I never really here bad things about him in general except from a jealous hater or such. He is very talented both in front of the camera and behind the microphone. He has such a beautiful voice and he's also a wonderful songwriter; and his acting is also top notch. I'm counting down the days until his new feature film and sophomore album are released. God bless you Corbin Bleu, both now and in the future.
  • Corbin Bleu is awesome!

    I really like Corbin Bleu. He has some awesome roles in various movies and shows. His role as Chad Danforth in the High School Musical series was awesome, as Troy Bolton's best friend. He has a pretty cool role in "Jump In!", as Izzy Daniels, a professional boxer who trains to be a professional boxer like his father. But his friend Mary asks him to be a substitute for a team player in a Double Dutch tournament. Now, he must decide between boxing or jump-roping. I think he's pretty good at both though. I don't really know which he's better at. If you ask me, I'm guessing Double Dutch.
  • corbin bleu is a very talented actor and singer whose most memorable starting role was hsm and since then he has furthered his musical career and gone on to other movies

    oh my gosh i love how he high school musical he didnt have any solos or parts at all where we could hear his voice separately..but in high school musical 2 we got to hear his voice and im like wow he has a voice like an angel..and then i heard him sing more for his new movie jump in..ok his new song is so catchy and so awesome..i am always dancing to it and oh my gosh i love hes a fabulous actor and i can not absolutely wait any longer to see high school musical 3 partly b/c of corbin
  • He's talented, but he needs to leave Disney

    Corbin Bleu is known basically for being in High School Musical and in some other Disney shows and movies. In my opinion, I honestly thought that he, along with Ashley Tisdale, were the only good singers in that overhyped musical. He has more talent than Zac Efron, but he doesn't get as much attention. He is also a good actor, but he should star in better movies, not stupid ones like "Jump In" and he shouldn't sing for the stupid Disney movie "Minutemen." He has so much potential as a singer and actor, but he really needs to leave Disney if he wants to be really famous. Ashley Tisdale should also do the same.
  • Well I'm not rating him or writing a review on his acting ablity, I am going to write a few words in my summary about those things but all I know is that he is HANDSOME so I give that a seven.

    Well I'm not a fan of none of his work I am older then him but I have to say when I saw him I was like if I was younger I would try to holla at him.LOLOL I just think he is really cute and it is good that he is making money ata his age and doing things for hisself so thats a positive thing but as for his acting, his singing and being on Disney channel with that stupid High School Musical Sing along show that is a BIG negative, I just feel bad for him because his name will be forever associated with that bad show or musical as they call it. I'm not a fan, I just thought it would be nice to atleast give him some credit for being cute on TV. LOL so I gave that a seven.
  • he's known for just playing "troy's friend" in the hsm series. but this curly-haired cutie is SO much more. =]

    Let me just start by saying Corbin is probably the most gorgeous actor I've ever seen. He is stunning. His smile is so... ok let's get to the review. =] Corbin excels in everything he does, whether it be singing, dancing, acting, or overall just being a great guy. He is extremely nice to his fans from what I've seen, and though I haven't met him yet, trust me - I will. ;] haha. I think his acting skill surpasses Zac Efron's by a longshot, not that I don't like Zac, I just think Corbin is mad talented. I love his song "Still There for Me" with Vanessa Hudgens. His voice is so good! I know Corbin will continue to maintain an extremely successful career - and his fanbase will be right there behind him =)
  • cool kid w potential.

    here's an interview with him. scroll to 9/6/07. he's funny and interesting. good interview. he'll go far, check it out. sorry~ this needs to be 100 words and i don't have more to say, so it's repeated 3 times. here's an interview with him. scroll to 9/6/07. he's funny and interesting. good interview. he'll go far, check it out. sorry~ this needs to be 100 words and i don't have more to say, so it's repeated 3 times. here's an interview with him. scroll to 9/6/07. he's funny and interesting. good interview. he'll go far, check it out. sorry~ this needs to be 100 words and i don't have more to say, so it's repeated 3 times.
  • I think that Corbin Bleu is amazing.Not only is he GOREGOUS and a talanted actor.

    Corbin seems to be a family oriented and a very caring guy.He's not letting this acting thing and this fame get to his head.He knows what he wants and he goes for it.His dad stands by him every step of the way and he obiviously doesn't mind it.His dad was even in Jump In.And the love that was there can't be acted out.You can see that he has alot of respect for his dad and he obiviously looks up to him.

    Corbin Bleu also has amazing acting abilties.When I watch a movie with him in it like "Jump In" or "High School Musical 1&2" It doesn't even seem like he's acting.He takes on a role and does what he has to do.

    Entertainer wise.He's amazing in that catagory.He draws the crowd in and you don't want him to stop.I went to his concert when he was here in Milwaukee and I couldn't talk for a WEEK.I can't wait to go see him again.

    I think that he is an amazing person and a wonderful actor/entertainer.

    Can't wait to see him again.

    I can't wait to meet him.
    because it's going to happen someday!

  • Corbin is Amazing.

    Corbin was inrtoduced to America in 2006 on the hit Disney Channel movie High SChool Musical, where he played Chad Troy Bolton's best friend.He has got some talent, he can sing, dance and act. He was really good in HSM and Jump IN! Good Disney Star, like most of them he is a triple threat, meaning he can sing, dance and act, he also can apparantly jump rope well too. I think Corbin will be doing tv for a long time and probably singing too, I like him better than Zac Efron personally,he can really sing. all in all I think I will give him a thumbs up.
  • Corbin is very talented!!!!!

    Corbin Bleu was born on February 21st, 1989. In my opinion he is very talented. He is known for his roles in the movies High School Musical playing Chad Danforth and in Jump In! playing Izzy Daniels. I think he does a great job in both of those movies. He also stars in the show Flight 29 Down playing Nathan. He guest starred on the Hannah Montana episode Lily Do You Want to Know a Secret? playing Johnny Collins. He was also in the show Ned`s Declassified School Survival Guide in the episode Guide To: Dismissal & School Plays playing Spencer. Overall he is a great actor.
  • Corbin Bleu is nothing but a spoiled, rotten, and stuck up actor!!!

    Okay, first off, i know that i am a boy and so you might think i am critizing him because i am of the same sex, but i just can't stand Corbin! For one, he sucks as an actor. Period. In high school musical, i was like who is this gay actor with that huge afro looking hairdoo. He is just gay looking. Secondly, he just looks and act stuck up. Seriously. He will be like, " this is so cool!! I am a stuck up snob!! I can sing so well, like deal with it, and Jump in!!!" ( and he can NOT sing...) Probably many of you out there will dissagree with me, but you don't see me putting down Zack Afron, because he is actually a good actor, and he does not seem stuck up. I HATE Corbin Bleu, and i don't care if you disagree with me!!! CORBIN IS GAY
  • Corbin is a very ood actor and is very talented.

    Corbin bleu is a very good actor. He has started in two movies that i know of. They are, High School Musical, and Jump In. In both he is doing a sport. He loves doing sports.In High Scool Musical they have him doing bascketball. Then in Jump In he is doing Boxing and Doulbe dutch. He is very talented at sprots. You should see his movies he is super good at acting. If you dont watch his movies you wont get what i am saying. And what i am saying is Watch either of the two movis, High School Musical or Jump In.
  • Corbin has been in quiet a few moivies. They are all children movies. He isa very good at singing and is very sporty and talented.

    Corbin has been in the movies, High School Musical, and also Jump In. Those are the only ones that i have seen. He si very active and loves doing sports both movies include him doing sports. HSM, has his doing basketball, and Jump In has him double dutching. He is very good at sports. He likes acting alot too. He likes to be funny all the time. If he's not funny he is being very serious. But he is barly serious. You should see him or watch either High School Musical or Jump In. You will love his acting and how he is funny. You will wanna see mroe movies with him in it.
  • Corbin bleu is talented, smart and cute.

    African-american Corbin Bleu is well known.He is talented, smart, cute and popular. Every one knows about this,popstar,model,actor,celeb guy.Every one loves him and he is thier heroe. Corbin is even more popular than Zac Efron. He plays Chad in high school musical and high school musical 2. He also plays Nathan in flight 29 down.He stars in Hanna Montanna as a guest star. He is going to have a bright future in my opinion. If there were a vote on best actor of the year, it would be Corbin Bleu, of course, and I bet many other people would vote for him, to!
  • I love his hair!!!!

    Corbin Bleu is a good singer and actor. He is also a good dancer too. I have seen him in High School Musical, Hannah Monatana, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, Jump In and i have seen some episodes of Flight 29 Down. But i first time i saw him was in the movie Catch That Kid. He pretty cute too and i love his hair. He also has a nice smile. He is a good singer too. I really like his voice. I hope to see him becoming a big movie and/or tv star someday. Keep up the good work Corbin.
  • Corbin Bleu Reivers was born on Febraury 21st, 1989 to Martha and David Reivers. Corbin is bi-racial which means that he is half white half black. He has 3 sisters Hunter, Phoenix and Jag. He named his sister Phoenix.

    Corbin is known for his infamous roles of:

    Chad-HSM's 1 and 2
    Nathan-Flight 29 down
    Spencer-Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide
    Austin-Catch That Kid
    Izzy-Jump In!

    He is also Zac Efron's best friend both in HSM and in real life. I think that he should go out with Monique Coleman because they make a cute couple and because I said that they should go out.
  • All the girls especally me want some Corbin Bleu and to touch that gorgeous hair of his.

    He is an model, actor, singer, dancer, and beyond all that he's bring sexy back!!! All the girls i know think at most that he's cute. His most recent movie "Jump In" was decent and his co-star Keke Palmer and Corbin dad were on it.His CD came out from his movie and i was impress by his singing.Cause on High School Musical he never had a solo part he was like a backup singer. He knows that he be working it when he be on videos and movies and anything that includes him dancing. You can tell that he has a thing for vannesa ann huges but i don't think she likes him like that.
  • Corbin is soooooooo cute and talented!!!!!!!!!!

    Corbin Bleu is soooooo talented! Corbin Bleu was just in a movie Jump In, an orginal Disney Channel movie. I thought he did great in this movie because I think it helped him learn more things. To me the best thing about his movie is that he had the chance to work with his father. When they had a scence togehter it seemed real. Also with all the trainging he did for the movie he looked HOT!!!!! To top it off i can't wait to see him in the new movie coming out, High School Musical 2. I like the first one and I'll like the sequeal. One last thing I can't wait until his album comes out! i will listen to it at least 10 time a day.
  • He is so FINE!

    Corbin Bleu is such a great actor, he did well in high school musical and catch that kid and ppl that dont like him need to! cuz obviously they havent been watchin tv on catch that kid he was sooooo cute! i luv that movie and he can sing he has a video on disney called push it to the limit and i watch it everytime it comes on. the moves are great he can dance and sing he got the whole package am i rite or am i rite? he is a great actor and i think that he has a big future.
  • WaaaHooooooooooo!!!!!

    Corbin Bleu is one of my favorite actors of all time. He plays on two of my favorite shows. Flight 29 Down (the show which he plays every episode) and the episode Guide to School Plays on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. He played Spencer. For some reason, it seems bushy hair is getting popular these days . . . Corbin Bleu . . . Matthew Underwood . . . Sean Flynn, but anyways, the brown, bushy hair is what makes Nathan (Corbin B.) Nathan. Don't forget his good acting. Yes siree! His acting. It is so good in Flight 29 Down. He acts like a guy who tries to be a hero at everything, but something always went wrong. Then on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, he played, a british guy, who seemed more evil than Nathan on Flight 29 Down. I wish good luck for Corbin Bleu and hopes he continues with his fine acting.

    He is such a great actor! I love High School Musical and Flight 29 Down...I've seen the episode of Hannah Montana with Corbin in it...amd I looking out for the episode of Ned's Declassified SSG with him in it. I've also seen Catch That Kid, he's really different in it, but I can still tell it's him.....caus of the hair. LOL! I can't wait for HSM 2, and season 3 of Flight 29 Down....ND forever. (JM 4eva) Go to his website which he updates every now and then.....

    He has photos, a journal, wallpapers 4 you lovers out there, and heaps more! He is also releasing a biography this December! I can't wait!

  • This boy is really talented and a great he says that is getting a recording deal. I can't wait I am so in love with him since after watching "Catch that kid". Love you Corbin.

    Corbin Bleu still lives in Los Angeles with his Mom, Dad, and three younger sisters. In his free time he enjoys singing, playing the piano, seeing live theatre, amusement parks, and hanging with friends. He feels very blessed at this point in his life to have had such wonderful career opportunities. He looks forward to graduating from high school and then continuing on to college. Corbin hopes to do future projects with some of his inspirational artists like Johnny Depp, Denzel Washington, and his Dad. He also would like to do shows on Broadway and record albums.
  • Cutie

    Hes performance in high school musical was so good and funny he is a real cutie and i hope he stars in more musicals and movies just like his role model johnny depp!!!! Hes really talented and i just love his hair, its so stylish and gorgeous, i really want to meet him!! Can't wait for high school musical 2!!!!!!
  • He's okay! But not great.

    Corbin Blu is best (and possibly only) know for his role in High School Musical. We really didn't to hear him sing, so I can't tell you if he's a good singer or not. He's not cute, has an okay body. His acting is okay, for a Disney TV movie. He also has that weird afro, which kinda took my mind of of his preformance and on to his hair. I highly doubt that he'll make it bigger then his High School Musical fame.
  • i love him!

    Corbin is such a great actor. I loved him in High School Musical and Flight 29 down and catch that kid. He\'s also an amazing dancer I can\'t believe he\'s actually worked with debbie allen! I can\'t wait for high school musical 2 and jump! hopefully he will continue to be succesful and i will get to see him a lot more. he\'s cool because not only is he talented but hes a really nice person and he always thanks God and everyone who supports him. He is like the perfect person I definately give him a 10 no doubt.
  • Corbin is a young actor with energy, talent, and heart--put him in the right role and his career will take off.

    Up until the past 2 years, mentioning the name Corbin Bleu would have produced many a quizzical look. As of now, mention the name to any teen or pre-teen and their eyes will light up.

    While Corbin has been modeling and acting almost his entire life, most of his appearances on film and television had been minor or modest. However, Corbin's recent casting as Nathan in the Lost-esque "Flight 29 Down" show for the Discovery Channel and his well-known portrayal of Chad Danforth in "High School Musical" have brought Corbin in to the spotlight. His versatility is proven in the two contrasting roles he plays in "Flight 29 Down" and "High School Musical" (a confident "castaway" student versus an energetic basketball player). Of course, the dislike of musicals exhibited by Corbin's character in "High School Musical" is ironic; in fact, musicals are Corbin's passion and being in the blockbuster Disney TV musical allowed Corbin's true talents to shine.

    The only reason why Corbin does not receive a perfect 10 is that most of the roles we have seen him in are light and somewhat comedic; we have rarely seen him in a dramatic role. In comparison, Corbin's counterpart in "High School Musical," Zac Efron, has been featured in several rather-dramatic productions including "Miracle Run" and "Summerland." I'm sure that Corbin would do very well in Zac's shoes but he has yet to be given that chance.

    One of the best attributes of Corbin is his character. Behind the scenes, Corbin is a really down-to-earth young man who seems to easily befriend just about anybody. As he says in an interview, people remember him as the guy with the curly hair who is always smiling. Corbin also believes heavily in giving back to the community, frequently appearing at fundraisers and holiday dinners for the homeless. In March 2006, Corbin was appointed as one of the inaugural members of StarPower, a group of young celebrities organized by Starlight Starbright Childrens' Foundation that work to promote volunteerism among youth. Corbin's character is further exhibited by his devotion to his fans. Despite his busy schedule, he periodically posts a personal journal on his website and promises that he will read everybody's fan mail. Furthermore, his journal entries always end with a Bible quote.

    With his acting, singing, and dancing prowess and his strong character, Corbin will most likely continue to excel in the entertainment world, whether he chooses to continue working in Hollywood or whether he takes his talents to the world of Broadway.
  • Corbin Bleu is such a talented actor. He has the potential to be the next Denzel Washington.

    I\'ve seen a few of his works. I\'ve watched Flight 29 Down, High School Musical, and I haven\'t finished it, but I\'ve seen part of Catch That Kid. I\'ve researched him also. From the reviews and articles I\'ve read, he\'s just a normal teen with a lengthy filmography. He\'s family-centered and maintains a happy lifestyle. He\'s not like most people his age, mainly because he doesn\'t revolve around rock music like most of this generation and doesn\'t waste his time doing irresponsible things. And as we all know, fame does not come at an easy cost. I\'m sure he does have to give up some things with a successful acting career, but he always does it with a big smile and that\'s makes him commendable on my part, so I give him all my love and support.
  • HE is great actor

    HE is one of my favorite actors. He was great in High school musical and hannah montana both of which i truly love. He is a great dancer and a good basketball player. I am looking forward to the DC games because like the other High School Musical cast he will be in them. He seems to be extremely talented. I also can\'t wait for High school musical two. WHere he will be regaining his role as Chad. Hopefully after High school musical two we will see him in more movies and shows and he will become very famous like the other High school musical star. i hope I see him in more shows.
  • he is a good actor!

    OMG!!!!i luved him on high school musical(hsm)!and flight 29 down!he really is a good actor!he wuz a good guest star on hannah montana!hahahahahaha!it wuz funny when he sed 2 hannah(miley)that the mosturizer on his hands wuz ketchup!FUNNY!!!!lol!well,i really think hes a good actor and he wuz great on hsm!!hsm is my fave movie!
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