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  • Corde Broadus is the first son to Snoop Dogg aka Calvin Broadus and Shante Broadus. He's 13 years old and takes his dad's playa, athletic, and charm traits. Snoop describes him as 13 going on 25. He calls him Spank and thanks him for not being in crime.

    Corde Broadus is handsome, tall, athletic, charming, sweet, and isn't involved in a life of crime. Almost everything mommy and daddy would love you to have as a boyfriend or if you're lucky husband. He's smart and respectable, and a little sneaky but knows how to cover it up. Has better game than most 13 year olds. When it comes to getting a girl friend he's just like a his dad. (exclude Shante) Overall he's a great person. And with his low celebrity-profile, he is one football career from being an all time, all star, football legend. Let's pray there's no legal trouble.