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Corey Arnold


Vista, California

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Corey Arnold


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Corey Arnold was born and raised in Vista, California, started to started to sport fish with his father at the age of five. When Corey wasn't fishing with his dad, he would be skateboarding at Carlsbad skate park and attending Calvary Chapel's skate night. At the age of…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Corey would bring sea creatures to 'show and tell'.

    • For four Halloweens in a row in elementary school, Corey would come to class dressed with a big game fishing harness attached to a rod and a reel that was bigger then his head.

    • Corey wrote an article called "A crabber's life" in the October issue of National Fishermen magazine.

    • Corey lives in Oslo, Norway along with his girlfriend.

    • In the episode "On the Crab", Corey along with another one of the Rollo's deckhands Matthew Sullivan, dress up in rubber inflatables, to sent off the crew of the Coast Guard vessel after they pass their inspection. Corey is the one that was dress up as the ballerina.

    • According to Corey, the greatest influence in his life, has been Sally Mann's work.

    • According to Corey, the best way to deal with the saltwater is to use Rain-X and chamois.

    • According to Corey, the worst hazard to his cammeras is the saltwater droplets that hit them as soon as he steps outside onto the deck, because of the saltwater will smear things on the lens.

    • To protect the cameras that he uses, Corey had to make a custom Ziploc bag housing for them with duct tape to seal the plastic lens filter, a way to seal all of the nooks.

    • While shooting on the Rollo, Corey's prefers to use a Mamiya 645 medium format camera

    • Corey's goal in life is to get funded to travel around the world taking photos of commerical fishing around the world

    • Corey's favorite subject to shoot are animals.

    • At the age of 13, Corey's father brought him his first cammera, a Pentax K1000

    • Corey's Zodiac sign is Aries.

    • Some of Corey's commercial clients include the Discovery Channel, Outside Magazine, Adbusters Norway, SOMA Magazine, Dagbladet Magazinet, Karl's Cars Magazine, Aker Seafoods, National Fisherman Magazine, Alaska Fisherman's Journal, The Fisherman's News, Turbonegro, and Mayhem.

    • Corey's photo works has been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide such as the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle and Kunsteneres Hus in Oslo.

    • Corey is also the co-founder and editor of Fisk Magazine, a new international "Cultural" fishing magazine

    • Corey is 5'11" tall

    • Corey dropped out from Northern Universtity in 1998.

    • Corey has a Bachelor Degree for Photography and Art from San Francisco Academy of Art College.

  • Quotes

    • Corey:It became the perfect photo project...a merger between my two professions, fishing and photography.