Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman


7/16/1971, Encino, California

Birth Name

Corey Scott Feldman


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Corey Feldman was one of the highest paid child stars in the 80's. He starred in hit movies such as The Goonies, Gremlins and Stand By Me. In 1987 Corey was in the movie The Lost Boys, also starring Corey Haim. Following the success of the movie the…more


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    • Corey: The people that become the biggest jokes are people who do not change. They stay the way they were in the past. Look at Michael Jackson, he never evolved.

    • Corey: I met my wife by breaking two of my rules: never date a girl seriously that you meet at a nightclub and never date a fan.

    • Corey: I do have an Internet presence. Type in my name in a search engine and it brings up like 33,000 sites. They're all run by fans, which I supply the information to from time to time.

    • Corey: People that come see me or hear my music for the first time are generally surprised how good it is - they expect it to suck.

    • Corey: I am a vegetarian. I won't eat anything with a mother, or if it's dead. I've been a vegetarian for 15 years. I don't do it for health reasons. I do it because I don't believe in killing animals if you can get food in other ways.

    • Corey: (on his battle with heroin) It did not feel like something that was going to take over my life and destroy it. It felt like a subtle flower instead of a manipulative demon. That's the mystery of heroin.

    • Corey: I would make a few more reality shows, I like the exposure...I can't lie! They may be cheesy, but they are getting people noticed, and re-noticed, in my case.

    • Corey: My greatest gifts are my son and wife, I will bust my back to give them a solid life, one with everything I never had.

    • Corey: I was famous before I knew my name.

    • Corey: I'm more than an actor. I'm an icon, an industry.