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Corey Holcomb

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  • I sat next to Corey Holcomb on a flight from Los Angeles to Miami--never heard of him before then. We had a great conversation and I was impressed by his character and depth. Since then I caught his show on Comedy Central and was delighted--he\'s great!moreless

    Corey combines talent, intelligence and charisma for a package that should be immensely successful. I look forward to seeing a lot more of him in the future. His schtick which revolves around male-female relationships is both fresh and filled with insights. I read some place that he is the comedic Dr. Phil and I think that is quite an accurate assessment. Corey has a wealth of knowledge about the ever-present tension between man and woman, the yin and yang of it all. And he presents his truth in a hilarious way that allows one to hear it, take it in, perhaps even process it and act upon it without being offensive. At least not to me. And I\'m even one of the \"sensitive\" ones. But, gracias a Dios, I have a sense of humor!moreless