Corin Nemec





11/5/1971 , Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Birth Name

Joseph Charles Nemec IV




Joseph Charles Nemec IV entered the world on November 5, 1971 in Little Rock, Arkansas to parents who were and still are involved in the performing arts. His mother, who originates from Liverpool in the U.K is a graphics artist, painter, writer and poet, and his father, Joseph C. Nemec III (Fourth down on the right) a well known and very successful Art and Production Designer. Corin has an older sister called Anastacia (Stacia), who is 18 months older than him (pictured third down on the right with their mom Janis, at Corin's eighteenth birthday party, and also fifth down on the right)
His father's long list of credits include working as Art Director on such movies as Fatal Beauty (1987), The Abyss (1989) and the TV show Midnight Caller (1988). He's also worked in the Art Department for such movies as American Flyer (1985), The Color Purple (1985) and the mini-series 'V' (1983). He was also Production Designer for Terminator 2 - Judgement Day (1991), Patriot Games (1992), Twister (1996) and Speed 2: Cruise Control to name but a few of the many. The list of movies are phenomenal.
So, as you can see getting into the acting business was relatively easy for the youngster and his parents definitely had an influential part to play. As a young boy, Joseph was known as Corin by everyone who loved him. As a baby, his grandmother used to say that he was a 'real corker', this turned into Corky. From then on, everyone called him Corky. From Corky sprung Corin, the name we all know him as. Raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Corin grew up like any other neighbourhood kid, attending school and doing what boys like to do best, doing dangerous dare devil stunts well beyond what they are capable of. He was in and out of hospital for stitches and became a popular face there. The emergency room knew him by name. His first encounter was at the tender age of Three after falling off a swing. "I had tons of stitches, I was always getting hurt." The hospital he attended as a kid is called SAINT JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL, not named after Corin, but almost could have been.
It was at the tender age of Seven when Corin first realized he wanted to become an actor. He was watching television and turned to his mother and announced that he wanted to be an actor before he grew up. It was the movie The Goonies that was the big catalist for Corin.. His father worked as the Art Director on that movie, and designed all the sets. Shortly afterwards he moved to L.A with his mum and sister to make his dream a reality. Corin joined the Center Stage in L.A when he was eleven and then started to perform in theatre companies at the tender age of twelve. Between Twelve and Fifteen Corin did a lot of creative improv at many comedy venues in California. He was soon picked up by an agent and went on to acting in TV commercials soon afterwards. His first break was for a Suzuki car commercial. His first TV show was back in 1986 on an episode of Sidekicks, but it was the hit show Webster that gave him his first major breakthrough in 1987. He learned a lot from that experience. He played Nicky Papadropolis and was with the show until it ended in the following year. In 1988 he made his first feature movie playing Noble Tucker in the movie Tucker - The Man And His Dream about the car maker of the same name. The actor playing the lead was Jeff Bridges.
In 1990 Corin who was then billed as Corin 'Corky' Nemec was noticed by TV critics for his powerful portrayal of Steven Stayner in the mini-series based on a true story I Know My First Name is Steven. At the prestigious Emmy's he was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Award at the ripe old age of sixteen, and won the Youth In Film Award for the very same performance. He was now an actor people were taking notice of.
He signed with Eddie Murphy Productions to star in What's Alan Watching and in the same year he gained cult status for playing the title role in the hit teen sitcom Parker Lewis Can't Lose, a show inspired by John Hughes popular '86 movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Corin has since gone on to star in many movies including Solar Crisis(1990), For The Very First Time(1991), 'Til I Kissed Ya (1991), Drop Zone(1994) and Operation Drop Dumbo(1995) to name but a few. He also starred in the very popular Stephen King mini-series The Stand as Harold Lauder. He has starred alongside some of the finest actors in the business including Corin's personal favourite Jack Palance. They starred together in the big budget sci-fi movie Solar Crisis. The most recent movies Corin has starred in include the horror Mansquito and comedy Nice Guys. (For a full list of acting roles please check out the Filmography section)
He keeps his stage roots and is a member of the American Repertory Company where he practices method acting along with more creative methods of acting. Corin is a man of many talents. Not only does he act, but he also writes poetry, short stories, screenplays and children's books. He has been writing poetry since elementary school and became a published poet in a book called The Best Poets Of The Year 2000. He has done a number of readings in poetry lounges in both Vancouver and Los Angeles. He has been an artist from the start. He has never stopped drawing or painting since the time he began as a child and has ventured in all the mediums there is available, but enjoys drawing cartoons and graffiti art the most and using water colours. He has recently become keen in photography and enjoys taking photos of anything at different angles. He's taken photographs all over the world. He learned the art of Rhyming over music at the age of thirteen.
Corin is a firm believer in Scientology. More information can be found here. Although he has not directly been involved in it for a number of years now, He believes in and supports the philosophy immensely and has experienced the benefits of it in his own life.
Corin married his high school sweetheart Jami (pictured on the right) in May 2002. They are proud parents to a daughter Sadie Joy born in February 1993, and to a son, Lukas Manu, March 2005. Manu (Tapou) was the name of Corin's late acting teacher. The family reside in Houston, Texas. Corin has gained many new fans for his portrayal of the Kelownan Jonas Quinn in the hit TV Show Stargate SG-1. Although only appearing in one season (Season 6), he made his mark on the show, bringing humour and freshness and many great stories.