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  • Loved Cory Nemec in "I know my first name is Steven" he was exceptional in his portrayal of Steven Stayner. Cory, did you meet the real Steven Stayner?

    I loved him in the film "I know my first name was Steven". It was deeply moving and Cory's portrayal of Steven Stayner was brilliant.Did you meet the real Steven Stayner I understand he was very happy with the casting? Cory do you yourself have any Irish roots? only I read that your Mother originally came from Liverpool and most Liverpudlians as we know usually have some Irish connections, either 2nd or 3rd generation. And have you ever been to Ireland yourself? Anyway good luck to you and your family in the future with whatever you do.Take care and God Bless.
  • Corin Nemec is one of my favourite actors. He is a very talented young man and has great potential, for even bigger parts than he already has had.

    The first time i saw Corin Nemec's work was in Stargate SG-1. He was in the series as a new character from a different planet. He was able to portray brilliantly, a character who adapted to life on earth as if it were his own home planet. Not only that but he also created the feeling of a person who was trying desperatly to prove himself, having replaced a key member and friend of the group. The character wasn't able to go back to his own home planet freely, as they saw him as a traitor.
    Corin Nemec has been in many films and series, but for me, he will always be Jonas Quinn, my favourite character on Stargate SG-1.
  • this guy can really make you beleive what your seeing is real, for example in mansquito he really made the movie come to life!In targate sg1 he plaed the part of jonas exectionally well! we'll be seeing more of this guy!!

    id give this guy a ten outta ten not just because he's my personal favorite but because he is an exceptionally good actor. im hoping that we'll se a lot more of corin nemac. Even though he only played 1 season on stargate sg1 he's the whole reason i startedwatching the dang show. this guy puts the believe in unbelieveable!!!!!!