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  • Corin Nemec is one of my favourite actors. He is a very talented young man and has great potential, for even bigger parts than he already has had.

    The first time i saw Corin Nemec's work was in Stargate SG-1. He was in the series as a new character from a different planet. He was able to portray brilliantly, a character who adapted to life on earth as if it were his own home planet. Not only that but he also created the feeling of a person who was trying desperatly to prove himself, having replaced a key member and friend of the group. The character wasn't able to go back to his own home planet freely, as they saw him as a traitor.
    Corin Nemec has been in many films and series, but for me, he will always be Jonas Quinn, my favourite character on Stargate SG-1.