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  • A sad excuse of a human being

    She must have been seriously abused as child. Why else would she behave the way she does?
  • Witch you loved to hate.

    Really one you know what you loved to hate. Or hate to love. As she came off, as worse than Jerri from Australia and All-Stars. At least, Jerri had more of a soul. But Corrine had no soul whatsoever in her body. And has no heart. And that is really fine with her. As she came off the meanest and most horrible of the Survivor contestants. Hated that she made a nasty remark over Sugar losing her father. That I could had hauled off and hit Corrine. Messing with one person is one thing. But when you say that to your father, that is dead. That is beyond cruel. It my not haunt her now. But in the end, she will really pay for all of her actions and attitude.