Cornelia Frances

Cornelia Frances


4/7/1941, Liverpool, England, UK

Birth Name

Cornelia Frances Zulver



Also Known As

Cornelia Francis
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Cornelia trained as an actress in England before moving to Australia in 1965. She has featured in many Australian soaps. While she has worked on shows such as Prisoner and Home And Away, she is perhaps known for her most recent work, as host of The Weakest Link.


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  • A star long before she became H&A's Morag.

    As a child I first saw Cornelia on "The Lost Islands" & few years later she simultaneously turned up on "The Young Doctors" and " Sons & Daughters". I live in the UK(London) & during the 1980s Aussie soaps were snapped up by ITV, regardless of their vintage, as a cheap daytime schedule fillers that nevertheless proved to be popular with viewers. Back to Cornelia whose statuesque apperance, red hair & clipped English accent made her a joy to watch in any production, that even includes H&A. Her departure from "Sons & Daughters" along with co-star Judy Nunn was abrubt & totally uncalled for, no wonder the show went into decline, serves the 7 network right. She's also the niece of "Peeping Tom" director Michael Powell in which she appeared in uncreditted, this film aparently caused outrage upon it's UK relaease & Powell emigrated to Oz. He also directed the film "They're a weird mob" which featured the late Anne Haddy as a barmaid. As I haven't lived in or visited Australia I never got to see Cornelia host "The Weakest Link" which I'm sure she did just as good a job as Anne Robinson.moreless
  • l have watched almost everything Cornelia has been in on tv,but being in the UK it's not that easy unless they are shown over here.l have got a few cds but would like to get more of what she done.moreless

    l think she is a fantastic actress and would like to see a lot more of her shows on UK tv.l would love to get the shows were she is herself,such as the weakest link and Our Brightest Stars 2002,also Good Morning Australia.l have read her autobiography and think it's fantastic,she is a brilliant writer,because she writes as she speaks,which l think keeps a person interested.l couldn't put the book down till l had finished reading it.Nice one Cornelia you sure know how to act and write,l will definitely be on the net looking out for more of you work,and l hope you keep doing what you're good at,and that is entertaining the public because you're doing a good job of as far as l'm concerned.moreless